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ClickFunnels NEW Pricing (2020) [Simple Guide]

At long last, ClickFunnels, the leader of Sales Funnels, has launched its new pricing plan, ClickFunnels Collective, which is a package that’s dedicated to advanced ClickFunnels users. In this article, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about the new pricing plan, from its offerings to its pricing. 

Overview of ClickFunnels Collective

Launched in 2020, ClickFunnels Collective is the latest pricing plan from ClickFunnels. This is a package that’s devised for professional ClickFunnels users. Subscribing to this new pricing plan grants you an unlimited ClickFunnels account, in addition to a wide range of neat features.

ClickFunnels Collective is geared towards users who already have an established business but would like to reach grand milestones at a pace that’s a lot faster than the pace they’re currently moving with. Collective is different in terms of offerings from both the Basic and Platinum plans.

What Does ClickFunnels Collective Offer?

Subscribing to ClickFunnels Collective makes you eligible for Two Comma Club Consulting and LIVE Events. The events, as listed on the official website, are the Two Comma Club Momentum Events, Two Comma Club Inner Circle Cruise, and Unlock the Secrets Family Event.

What we know about Unlock the Secrets is that it’s a training program that’s designed for expert funnel hackers who would like to explore the highest-performing funnels. The training offers you all the tools and strategies, as well as swipe files, to maximize the potential of any funnels. 

ClickFunnels Collective also offers you live phone support. According to a few testimonials, this new support feature has helped ClickFunnels users resolve their problems, be it minor or major, within a matter of minutes. It definitely has the potential to speed your projects up significantly. 

What’s more, this new pricing plan grants you full access to Funnel Frameworks. This includes Frameworks Back Office License, Funnel Audibles, and Virtual, Framework Hack-A-Thons. It’s also going to offer you full access to FunnelFlix, so you can enjoy the training material there. 

In collaboration with Agora, the financial newsletter publishing giant, the Collective plan presents Agora Media Buying, which is a training program that shares Agora’s media buying secrets. The program will help you unlock the secrets of high-converting campaigns, ads, scaling, and more. 

That’s not the only feature that ClickFunnels has to offer in collaboration with Agora. You’re also granted access to Agora Copywriting, which is another course that will teach you all about sales copywriting. Note that Agora Publishing earns over $1 billion in sales on a yearly basis. 

What Is ClickFunnels Collective Pricing?

ClickFunnels Collective is the priciest of all ClickFunnels pricing plans, which is understandable considering the ton of goodies it has to offer. ClickFunnels Collective starts at $1,497/month. In addition, there’s ClickFunnels Collective PLUS, which costs a whopping $4,997/month.

Aside from all of the goodies that we’ve highlighted in the previous section, this new pricing plan allows you to do anything, as it grants you an unlimited ClickFunnels account. From full-fledged e-commerce all the way to hosting webinars and events. It’s the most flexible plan as of yet. 

Utilizing ClickFunnels Collective, you can build all sorts of sales funnels, from follow-up funnels to webinar funnels. You can also send automated emails, as you’re granted access to the tool’s in-house email provider, Actionetics. You also can create and manage affiliate programs. 

ClickFunnels Collective might come across as extremely costly, but considering the high-ticket training material it has to offer, it’s pretty reasonably priced. Estimates show that the live phone support trait is valued at $997/month and the FunnelFlix full access at $19,997 in total.

Moreover, the Two Comma Club Consulting & LIVE Events is valued at $24,997 in total. Lastly, the Access To ALL Funnel Frameworks is also valued at $24,997 in total. That’s a grand total of $81,955, and you get all of that by paying $1,497/month. It doesn’t seem so costly now, does it?

Basic vs. Platinum vs. Collective

We pretty much highlighted the main differences between the new Collective plan and the other two ClickFunnels plans, but we feel the need to be more particular and talk in terms of numbers. Note that all three pricing plans allow you to share the funnels you create with others. 

In terms of how many sales funnels you can create, the Basic plan offers you 20 funnels, while both the Platinum and Collective plan offer you an unlimited number of sales funnels. As far as landing pages, you get 100 with the Basic plan and an unlimited number with the other two. 

For payment gateways, Basic allows for only 3 gateways, Platinum allows for 9 gateways, and Collective allows for 27 gateways. With domains, you get 3 with Basic, 9 with Platinum, and 27 with Collective. The latter two plans offer you follow-up funnels, whereas the former doesn’t.

ClickFunnels is going to introduce the new “Users” feature soon, which is a feature that enables you to set up team members with personalized login and admin rights. You’ll get 1 user with the Basic plan, 3 with the Platinum plan, and up to 10 users with the new Collective package. 

What about FunnelFlix? Well, utilizing the Basic plan, you get very limited access. With both the Platinum and Collective plan, you get full access to FunnelFlix, which is ClickFunnels’ very own educational platform, which contains hours upon hours of high-ticket training and courses. 

When it comes to user support, ClickFunnels Collective reigns supreme, thanks to its live phone support feature. Nevertheless, you get chat support with all packages. The Weekly Peer Review Hackathons coaching feature is only available in the Platinum and Collective plans. 

Collective’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you try the ClickFunnels Collective plan, and for whatever reason, you end up not liking your experience with this new package, you can receive a full refund with no questions asked. Also, you’re able to downgrade to a lower pricing plan (Basic or Platinum) whenever you want. 

It’s extremely easy to cancel your ClickFunnels Collective account. It’s just a few presses away. Keep in mind that in order to receive your full refund, you need to go through customer support first. But don’t worry, as long as you’re within the 30-day timeframe, your refund is guaranteed. 

ClickFunnels Collective is quite a hefty investment, which is why they’ve embraced this 30-day money-back guarantee. You can sign up for the new plan here, try it for a full month, and if the experience doesn’t live up to your expectations, cancel your account and get your money back.

Final Thoughts

ClickFunnels Collective is a great addition to ClickFunnels’ list of user packages, but according to Russel Brunson himself, this plan isn’t for everyone. We only recommend this plan for those who already have an established business and are looking to explore new funnel heights.