ClickFunnels Review

ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketers [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Statistics drawn from Investopedia indicate that affiliate marketing contributes to about 15% of all e-commerce earnings.

This is a substantially large sum which often translates to billions of gained revenue by high-end e-commerce stores like Amazon. Here is an in-depth explainer on how you can gain access to a piece of the pie.

Conventionally, people used to spam potential clients with affiliate links. However, the online product promotion landscape has tremendously evolved over the years.

If you plan on advertising other people’s products and services, then ensure that you are adding value as well. There are a variety of available online marketing sites that allow you to earn income without necessarily having to own a product or service.

You simply have to be good at marketing.

By utilizing ClickFunnels for your affiliate marketing funnels you stand to receive a higher income from your product promotion services.

What Are the Advantages of ClickFunnels to Affiliate Marketers?

It Aids Affiliate Marketers by Adding Value to their Prospective Clients

Affiliate marketers conventionally relied on luck to grasp the interest of their prospective customers.

They strived to achieve this by spamming them with affiliate links in the hope that they would click them and proceed to follow the link’s instructions.

A modern approach to becoming a successful affiliate marketer is adding value to your prospective clients.

This approach is more likely to get them more intrigued by what you are offering.

Prior to disseminating the link, it is advisable that you first come up with a means of adding the said value.

You can achieve this by identifying an attractive lead magnet so that leads readily give you their email contacts. This is where ClickFunnels come in handy.

It Aids Affiliate Marketers by Building a List of Prospective Clients

By building a list, you increase your chances of becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

One advantage of having a list is that even after successfully selling a product to only two clients today, you may be able to sell a different product to a few more clients on a different day.

You may again be able to make more sales of a different product or service to a few other clients that show interest on another day.

With an email list you will essentially have a source of regular clients. By constantly working to build your list, you will be assured of a constant group of people that are willing to make purchases through your affiliate links.

Affiliate marketers that use ClickFunnels are able to come up with an affiliate marketing funnel.

It essentially enables them to provide a lead magnet that can be exchanged for a lead’s contact information.

After having their email addresses, you can achieve further addition of value by offering them your affiliate links as a solution to their pain points and problems as well as adding additional value.

This enables you to become both a solution provider and a problem solver to your list. As a result, you stand to earn a regular income from your list.

It Aids Affiliate Marketers in Increasing Their Conversion Rate

By becoming a problem solver to your list, your power of persuasion over them increases which overall contributes to an improved conversion rate.

With the help of Follow-Up Funnels, the Click Funnels automatic responder, you can deliver your affiliate links as part of the solution in an email sequence. This makes your email list to start liking you.

You stand to distinguish yourself from other affiliate marketers that depend on spamming and pushy sales to achieve the sale of their affiliate links.

It Aids the Affiliate Marketers in Saving on Hosting Cost

There are a variety of affiliate sites for affiliate marketers to choose from. These hosting domains often add to your list of expenses.

By utilizing ClickFunnels, you gain access to free hosting domains which will depend on your subscription plan.

The Startup plan for instance allows you to gain access to 3 hosting domains.

The Platinum plan on the other hand, allows you to gain access to an unlimited number of hosting domains which is definitely amazing.

What Are the Valuable ClickFunnels Integrations that Affiliate Marketers Can Use?

Email Marketing Integrations

The autoresponder is one of the most important properties found in ClickFunnels that affiliate marketers can use.

By subscribing to the Platinum plan, you gain full control of the Follow-up funnels feature of the built-in autoresponder.

If you, however, choose to subscribe to the Startup plan, you will need to sign up with a third-party email marketing domain to achieve similar results.

Some of the most common email marketing domains are namely:

• MailChimp
• Keap
• ActiveCampaign
• MarketHero
• Ontraport
• Sendlane
• MadMimi
• Huspot
• Drop
• Aweber
• Active Campaign
• Get Response
• Drip
• ConvertKit
• Constant Contact

Key Payment Gateways for Affiliate Marketers

ClickFunnels provides various means through which affiliates can receive payments and commissions from online platforms and companies.

These means are referred to as payment gateways. A few of the popular payment gateways you can choose to integrate with your ClickFunnels account include:

• Paypal
• Clickbank
• Ontraport
• Stripe
• InfusionSoft CRM
• Recurly
• Warrior Plus
• BlueSnap
• JVZoo
• Easy Pay Direct

Video Hosting Platforms

For a majority of affiliate marketing platforms, the bridge page normally contains a video.

The video functions to pre-frame the lead and assists in preparing them for the affiliate page.

ClickFunnels, unfortunately, does not host videos. You, therefore, require a third-party platform to serve as a host for your videos with the cheapest option being You tube.

Other premium platforms are namely:

• Vimeo
• GotoWebinar
• Wistia

ClickFunnels Templates

If you may be finding it difficult to build your own ClickFunnels affiliate funnel, here are a few ClickFunnels templates that you may opt to buy:

7 Essential Things an Affiliate Marketer Should Do to Take Advantage of ClickFunnels

Enroll in a ClickFunnels BootCamp

The ClickFunnels affiliate bootcamps provide affiliates with a simulated training program possessing all the information they require to carry out a full-time business through affiliate marketing.

15 of Russell Brunson‘s elite affiliates will attend the virtual summit to contribute some of their wisdom in using ClickFunnels that garnered them success in affiliate marketing. Want to know the best thing about it?

The ClickFunnels affiliate bootcamp will not cost you a dime ($0.00)

Collect A Copy of Russell Brunson’s Dotcom Secrets Book

You get DotCom Secrets book with no charge. You are only required to cater for the shipping expenses.

The book will tutor you on several sophisticated techniques about online marketing that will, in turn, boost your overall conversions and sales. You will also get to discover how to use ClickFunnels in assisting you.

Collect A Copy of Expert Secrets Book

Another book with no charge is Expert Secrets, where again you are only required to cater to the shipping expenses.

The book will guide you in becoming a pro in your area of expertise.

You will also garner several devoted followers who will abide by your message and purchase your goods.

Collect A Copy of Russell Brunnson’s Traffic Secrets Book

Another free book is Traffic Secrets where you are only required to cater to the shipping expenses.

The book will guide you on how to funnel thousands of visitors and increase your overall traffic.

The gained traffic will be appropriate for your business as they will eventually convert to sales.

Register for A Clickfunnels Free Trial

In case you have not registered for a ClickFunnels account yet, register for the 14 days free trial.

The trial allows you to tinker with the program a little bit while also testing it out allowing you to determine if you require it.

As a bonus, during the free trial duration, you get to access all the features in case you did not know.

Acquire ClickFunnels Secrets Masterclass Workshop Bundle + 6 Months ClickFunnels Platinum

If you have determined ClickFunnels suits you and would like to invest in it, then consider the Secrets Masterclass Workshop Bundle that offers an affordable bargain for ClickFunnels in the market today.

Secrets Workshop Bundle is a unique bargain from ClickFunnels that provides 6 months of ClickFunnels Platinum along with other terrific add ons.

If you will pay for the Secrets Workshop Bundle, you will also gain:

• ClickFunnels: 6 Months Platinum Account
• FREE Access to FunnelFlix
• FREE 10X Secrets Mastery Program
• FREE One Funnel Away (30-Day Challenge)
• FREE Traffic Secrets / Ad Skills
• FREE Virtual Daily Funnel Hack-A-Thon’s

The value of Secrets Workshop Bundle is only $997 for 6 months.

You stand to benefit not only 6 months of ClickFunnels platinum account but also wonderful add ons, whose real cost would add up to a minimum of $15,770.

Purchase Funnel Builder Secrets

Lastly, consider purchasing Funnel Builder Secrets if you are certain you will require ClickFunnels.

It is an amazing bargain for users as they are assured of saving on costs in the long term and getting extra tools and teachings as a BONUS.

For instance:

• A ClickFunnels Account For 6 To 12 Months
• FREE Traffic Secrets Membership
• FREE Access to FunnelFix
• FREE Funnel Scripts
• FREE Access to The Funnel Hacks Masterclass Training
• FREE Access to The Funnel Builder Secrets Training

Overall this is a good deal that you will be making. Look at how costly the deal would have been if you had decided on subscribing monthly or purchasing each tool separately.

You stand to save a lot with the proposed deal.