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Build a Landing Page Using ClickFunnels : Ultimate Guide

Hello everyone! In this post, I will provide a step by step tutorial on how to set up an awesome landing page for your funnel, that will enable you to start netting emails and developing your list of subscribers today. Here is how you can achieve this:

Quick Steps to setting up your clickfunnels landing page

Start by creating an account on You can generate your first sales funnels using this extremely simple tool by following the following steps.

Select “add new”

Click on “Collect emails”- this is the simplest option in funnel
Think of a name that you would give your funnel
Click on “BUILD FUNNEL” after creating a tag

Choose one template for the opt-in page and another for the Thank you page.

The Opt-in Edition.

Ensure that you add your own LOGO
You can change the bar’s appearance using add color, buttons, fonts, etc.
Add a Header: This should strictly be benefit-oriented. Ensure that you also add a sub-header.

Choose a button that will enable you to get a free report of what you are offering.

This will be referred to as the call to action button.

Proceed by linking to your privacy policy which assures internet users clicking on your page that you uphold utmost most.

This is a requirement for all ads.

Continue by setting up your email autoresponder.

You can achieve this by simply going to your email putting it in the HTML form.

These are the main steps you can follow to set up your first lead capture page on your Clickfunnels account. I hope that with this guideline, you will be able to develop your email list. Additionally, the tutorial will teach you how to utilize a retargeting pixel.

I intend to show you how you can set up your very own landing page. My tool of choice for the creation is the use of Clickfunnels. I also sometimes work with Instapage, with OptimizePress or with Leadpages. This tutorial, however, will be mainly focused on guiding you on how to set up your first lead capture as well as a lead magnet landing page. This will help you in developing your email instantly. To get started, get onto your computer and follow these steps on how to do it right.

Alright, everybody! Let us have a really quick and candid discussion on how to set up your very own lead capture, lead magnet landing page on Clickfunnels. The process is an extremely simple one but also really helpful when it comes to developing your list of email contacts. It is normally the first and foremost step that is involved in establishing your sales funnel because it is considerably simple. Here are the bare minimum steps that you need to follow.

Open a Clickfunnel acount

First search for If you lack an account, you can simply opt for the 24-day trial account. By logging in you will be able to see what is taking place on this page. So I’ll first quickly log in to one of my own Clickfunnels account that will allow you to see what to expect. With this I will be able to depict how you can set up your very first funnel.

Add a new funnel and name it

Once you log into here, you should proceed to add a new funnel. This is the goal that you should consider picking on the funnel. Let us first click on collect emails since it will be the easiest funnel overall as we are just needed to click on collect emails. Let us then proceed to name it like Email Capture Landing Page or Landing Capture for instance. I will choose to tag mine as Hernan since I am trying to maintain some order on my Clickfunnels. Also consider teaching yourself on funnel hacking.

I will then select the build funnel option. With the click of the option button, Clickfunnels will essentially proceed to establish an email capture page followed by a thank you page. These are the two main pages for our funnel, the ones that are currently being established by Clickfunnels. As you will observe, there is the opt-in that will eventually end up being your capture page followed by your thank you page next.

Build the Opt-in page

On the opt-in page we will essentially be providing or lead magnet while on the thank you page we will be providing the instructions to be followed next. It is something similar to checking your inbox or clicking here to download. Advisably this is what you should want to do. Proceed by double op or double confirming in your emails to ensure those on your contact list are clicking on your lead magnet on their emails or opening your PDF and not loading them on the page that follows that one.

Pick templates

We will first have to decide on a template for the opt-in. As you will be able to take note of, the Clickfunnels has a wide array of templates that you will be able to choose from. Some are easy to use, some come with video tutorials, therefore, depending on what you intend to do with the template, make your selection accordingly. You can also opt to begin with a blank template. In our case, I will choose a really simple one so that I can quickly show you how to use it. Let’s pick this one.

For you to determine how the template in the ClickFunnels will appear, let us have a review. This will be your heading. Then followed by a subheading which is your call to action. To start, click here. After clicking, it will prompt you to the opt-in form, where we will use this one. Close this. I will then choose this template that we will use real quick, and ClickFunnels will automatically create for me.

I would also like to select a thank you page while we are still in the process of creating the template. We will create a thank you page template then we head back here to revise the thank you page. But before we proceed, let us perform something like this. So I will quickly select this template. It is already present in the ClickFunnels. We have now obtained the thank you page and opt-in page.

Let us head back to the opt-in page. To understand what is happening and how to correct all of this, we will revise a small section of the opt-in page. Do note that everything here can be corrected or moved. Every piece of content that you observe over here can be edited.

First is the logo. You must have some type of logo here. It is highly essential for branding purposes and in certain situations where you are sending something like pay per click from Facebook or PPC traffic as an instance. It also indicates trust to the internet users. Thus, you will have to use your own logo to replace the initial one.

In case you would like to replace the color of this bar, for example to make it white since your logo is of a black color or in a darker shade, first, locate a wheel. It is found on the green bar along with the BGcolor. Click on it and change to a gray or white color, whichever suits you. Then place it over here. We end up having a logo on top of the black bar.

Onto the next step that involves replacing this bar with the content. In this case I will change the color a tad bit. I will select a random color, probably green, and put it here. I would like to make this step as easy as possible for you guys. Assuming I pick another color, maybe blue, which is not that awesome, I will have to use a different color.

What if you wanted to modify the header? The header you select should be benefit-oriented. Here is an example of a benefit-oriented header: Discover the Number One Trick to Boost Your Conversion Rates.

The header poses a question of what is being offered. It goes on to highlight to people that we are offering the number one trick to do something. The something is finally stated as boosting your conversion rates. The header becomes extremely benefit-oriented as people interested in landing on the page to determine the number one trick in boosting conversion sales.

Something noteworthy on this landing page is the fact that we have a without. This is possible even after not altering anything concerning your landing page. So you gain the benefit without much hassle. If you desire to gain the benefit while simultaneously disabling the first opposition that surfaces in mind such as, “okay, do I need to remodel my website for me to boost my conversion rates.” We are claiming that statement might be false.

Let us use another example of a header such as: Learn the 10 Tool Marketers Use to Bring Free Traffic to Your Website. In this case we will say Learn the 10 Tools … let’s decide on popular marketers; Popular Marketers Use to Gain Free Traffic to Their Websites. This corrected header is what we will be displaying.

Set up the Split testing

Next I am going to teach you how to perform split testing since you need to be doing it to determine which header works best. However, we have to maintain the rule of being benefit-oriented. Here we also stick to a without. Add something like: even if you are a complete beginner or an armature. The modified header now reads as: Learn the 10 Tools Popular Marketers Use to Gain Free Traffic on Their Websites Even if You Are a Complete Beginner or an Armature. We now have expressed the advantage and shown the sub-headline.

Mention the Free report

We would also like to mention that there will be a free report. Get started right away can be clearly seen as it is written here. The free report is downloadable. The phrase “free report” will recur severally in this effect. I will tell you the reason why. A large call to action is also present. A button is put to become the call to action with the phrase; click here to start now, and it should stick out on your landing page.

Customize the Call To Action

To make the button stick out, let us pick a color that stands out such as orange. Now observe how orange stands out from the blue, white, and black in your face. Do not forget to include something on respecting privacy and no tolerance to spam. It is also helpful to link this to your privacy policy. This tactic will definitely improve your landing page. Link your to the privacy policy. You would want to link your privacy policy here because you want it to comply with PPC, etc.

Add the copyright and Privacy Policy

Another essential component of a landing page that is a must-have is copyright 2016. Let us place next to the privacy policy, terms, and conditions. I would also recommend you include support in case you have a support desk. An alternative to those without a support desk is placing your contact page so there is no cause of worry. It will read, your Thus for the time being this will be your support desk.

It is important for even for guys without a support desk to include the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and support.

Now we can dispose of the “powered by ClickFunnels“. I will click here and next click on the waste bin icon and voilà, we have ditched “powered by ClickFunnels“. We are left with the header, the sub-header, and this box. Let us click on the box to see what happens next. It opens the URL action to the right. The box thus pops up. It is noteworthy since on some pages you will observe that the email captures or the form is on its own on the page.

You could decide to leave the form here, but I have found out through some studies performed that when people are filling out the form by clicking here, they get tempted into replying to your emails since they are performing another action. This will remain as the open pop up. In later videos, we have other templates of ClickFunnels that we will get into. Luckily you possess the templates with the opt-in form right on the page.

To only open the pop up on this page, I am going to click on, open the pop-up. But suppose you were to click here; show pop up, it will be the pop up that shows up when someone clicks here. I am sure that is clear now. Subsequently, clicking here will mention signing up to gain access to the full course now. We have to be constant if we had mentioned the free report here. Thus you could state something like: Leave us Your Email to Get Access to The Free Report.

Decide what information you want to collect

Next you would want the email address to be in full. In some instances, people would inform you to only click the email. This is entirely dependent on the type of relationship you would like to develop with your audience. If you would like to develop a close relationship, I would advise you to go for the name plus email. But if your goal is just to gather emails, then just go with the email only option. This choice is entirely up to you to decide.

The Next step is input type full name or full name in short. Whatever is your preference, first name followed by your email address which will be here, input type email address. I will also slightly alter something over here. Now for the thing that will stick out the most; yes, send me access to the free report, that we want to put in an orange color. Since they will be submitting a filled up form, the URL/action is to be designated as submit form.

Your landing page is now ready. We proceed on to setting up your email autoresponder. I have created another video for that. I will leave the link to the video over here for you to have a look at it at a later time. You could say these are my two finest autoresponder options. Find them linked under the description below.

Build the autoresponder

Right now I will just show you how to create your autoresponder. Head over to the email section and put the HTML form. Select the HTML form and merge it with the existing form. It is at this form where you paste the HTML code previously provided by your email provider for you to pick up names and email addresses.

ClickFunnels allows you to save information like email addresses and your name on a lead selection of the site. Preferably, you would like this information to appear directly on your autoresponder. You can later distribute a follow-up sequence to them or something similar to a broadcast. You can use your autoresponder to send emails directly. Simply put that is how you achieve that.

There is another common mistake that I witness among a lot of affiliate marketers that utilize ClickFunnels. This is that they do not alter anything about my amazing landing pages. Sorry, I meant the landing page. This leaves them looking rather unprofessional. You should head on to the settings and move on specifically to the metatext social settings where you can make any necessary alterations.

Once here, I simply advise you to download a free sample of our report from the ClickFunnels. As you will now be able to take notice, we have the alterations here. I will then proceed to make alterations to the description since guys these pages have a way of being ranked on Google. Therefore, the more enticing they appear, the more highly they will be ranked on Google, and the more readily they will be clicked. Learn about the top 10 tools that Popular Marketers Take Advantage of to Gain More Traffic to their Websites.

You can then proceed to add keywords, your name, your company’s name, or your author followed by your social image identifier. Your social image essentially refers to the logo that appears whenever you are sharing this on social media networks such as Facebook. You can choose to have this here or anywhere else you find it appropriate. I will quickly press the save button guys so that we can now proceed to the thank you page.

To simply refresh your memory a bit, we have the header, the sub-header, the pop up with opt-in form that is linked to your autoresponder, and the call to action icon in the ClickFunnels. What we will do next is to move on to press the exit key so that we are completely certain we have completely saved the work we have done. We can now move on to the thank you page.

The thank you page

On the thank you page in the ClickFunnels, we only have to make a few tweaks so I will first click on the edit page option. What I normally do is to send an email containing a confirmation link. Upon the selection of the confirmation link, you will be able to acquire a PDF. Just so you are aware, this is how it normally works. You shouldn’t place the report from the ClickFunnels here since people are able to place any email they like, even when it is fake, and they will still be able to gain access to the report. This is what we are trying to avoid.

If you would like to gather emails, then you simply link it to the report or the lead magnet through email. Through this technique, you will be more certain that people are utilizing their actual email addresses.

At this juncture, what I would like to do here is to say thanks. I essentially want to put the phrase; kindly check your email inbox for a confirmation link. And here; please indicate that they give a time allowance of 10 to 15 minutes within which duration the confirmation link should arrive from the ClickFunnels.

You should simply click on the confirmation link upon arrival for you to receive the report from the ClickFunnels. If the report happens not to arrive shortly, then you should proceed to go through your spam folder. As you can see, all we are telling people is to be is a little bit patient.

Be patient in terms of waiting to receive the confirmation link. It is normally automatically sent using the autoresponder in the ClickFunnels. You do not have to bother with manually sending confirmation links since that is considerably tasking. The autoresponder in the ClickFunnels performs this task on autopilot.

Therefore, for everyone that signs up, they will receive a notification stating that “Hey, kindly confirm your subscription.” Should they choose to click on that subscription, they then will receive the PDF that has been set up on your autoresponder.

I do not necessarily require this button on the ClickFunnels. What I would like to do is to have another call to action rather than have the download report now action on the ClickFunnels. One call to action that I have in mind is; subscribe to my YouTube channel and gain access to so much more content. I will then add a URL action here that will obviously lead to my YouTube channel. In this case, I will put Hernan Vasquez’s YouTube channel or something similar to that effect.

Proceed to share the report among your friends. I choose not to do this because I would like people to truly sign up. We additionally need; your domain name, terms, and services, as well as all our rights, reserved. This will all be linked to your terms of service page in the ClickFunnels. Simply put, the layout of the domain will eventually be

So, now you will have it. We are going to make further alterations to this landing page in your ClickFunnels, so again proceed to settings then metatext. Once here, what I would like to do is something close to: thank you it worked. Proceed to check through your email or something similar to that.

We would not like this to be profiled on the search engines. I am sure there you may be able to opt to actually hide it from being indexed by the search engines as we would not like this to be performed on the thank you page. In fact, we would like for the other pages on the ClickFunnels such as the opt-in page to be located on the search engines and not the thank you page itself.

I will, therefore, now click on the save option on the ClickFunnels at this point and by that, we will be pretty much-done guys. Now let us see how it works in the ClickFunnels. If you want to create your custom domain or rather your, then proceed to the help menu and look for the document that will actually help you create your very own custom domain. We can maybe, later on, make another step by step video tutorial on how to create a custom domain for your domain to come up.

Meanwhile you can choose to use this URL for the time being. So here will appear or seem to appear as my report. So, Learn the 10 Tools Popular Marketers Use to blah, blah, followed by the sub-header. Begin right now. The viewer will then input his/her name, email, etc.

All you are left to do is create a Facebook campaign or having a banner redirecting people to this particular traffic. Facebook groups are important if you can promote this in the groups but avoid spamming in them. You can now do anything you want since you possess an email capture page.

An added benefit of this method is that your audience gets to learn on the 10 tools Popular marketers use to gain traffic on their website. It is even possible without necessarily talking to them. They are getting free promoted content which is the goal of your landing page.

In summary, that is how to use ClickFunnels to set up your lead capture page. In case you have any queries, kindly inform me and I will answer it in the subsequent videos.