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SERP Tracking Tools: Which One Is The Best?

Before I provide further insight into the study and backstory, here is my TL: DR about the most popular SERP trackers to use for your site or blog.

We discovered that AccuRanker provides one of the best overall experiences due to its excellent features, user-friendly interface and data accuracy.

Just to clarify, SEMrush remains to be the best ranker within the realm of a full SEO suite. I normally liken SEMrush to my swiss-army knife when discussing SEO, in which case it is the best rank tracker.

For Agencies, large corporations and white labeling, one tool that stands out above the rest due to the ability to successfully bull API integrations and data: Advanced Web Ranking.



It has the most renown in-class usability
It has a scalable pricing model that normally starts at $49 per month for 500 keywords
It has a SERP History which is priced at $79 per month for 1000 keywords
It surprisingly costs less than its rivals, yet it is fully featured
There is a 14-day free trial period available.



Due to its in-built rank tracking module feature, it is considered the best FULL SEO Suite.

You will be able to consolidate all your SEO SaaS bills because it is a one-stop-shop.
It is constantly updating its features.

Though not difficult to use, it is a Must-Have SEO tool for those that consider themselves serious marketers.


Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)

It best serves large brands, agencies and those that deal with bulk data analysis.
It is considered one of the longest operating rank trackers.
It allows for Data Studio integrations by agencies and other high tiers.

What are Considered the Top SERP Ranking Tools?

Before I delve any further, here is my priority list of the top SERP tracker list.

• Accuranker
• SEMrush
• Pro Ranking Tracker
• Mangools SERPChecker + SERPWatcher
• Advanced Web Ranking
• Se Ranking
• Serpstat

Why Should You Bother With Rank Tracking?

Allow me to make a guess. If your internet history happened to be reviewed today, chances are several of your search engine queries will definitely come up. It, therefore, goes without mentioning that search engines have established themselves as an integral part of everybody’s online experience.

About 93% of all internet surfing sessions begin with a simple search engine query. It is therefore likely that your potential clients are part of this group of internet users making online searches.

Generally, about 81% of all internet users utilize search engines in researching before finally deciding on making a large purchase.

What Does This Mean?

Simply stated, you should consider making search engine marketing an integral part of your digital searching framework.

By now, I am pretty sure you are aware of this fact which is also likely the case for your e-commerce merchant rivals. It is therefore quite surprising to find out that only a handful of marketers make any notable progress despite 61% of them making search engine optimization a priority.

As for the rest, let me simply put it that they are easily satisfied by page 3 page or so of the search results. I have to admit that competition has been growing at an exponential rate over the years. Similarly, the rewards that come with securing top spot within the first page of a search engines’ results have become more noteworthy.

Humans are curious beings by nature. They are seldom interested in uncovering hidden truths that are found on the second webpage of the search results. About 75% of all internet do not go beyond the 1st page of the search results. We are pretty certain that if Google decided to discard the rest of the pages, internet users would still be content with the platform.

By this point, you will have to admit that it is an all or nothing game. If the SEO you are using does not place your site on the first page of search results, it is advisable that you simply drop it completely and venture onto other channels.

By now you may be considering that paid ads could be a shortcut you can use to get noticed. Statistics, however, state quite the contrary. It turns out that about 70% to 80% of people that use search engines, choose to disregard these paid results. It is therefore advisable that you do not consider it as your primary option. You can instead utilize it as a secondary tactic that complements your main organic SEO.

With that said, organic SEO should be more than just persistent tweaks and wits. To improve search engine optimization, you need on-page optimizations. If you wish and intend to attain and maintain being in the first results page, then you need the assistance of an array of tools.

What is the Role of SERP Tracking Tools?

SERP essentially refers to Search Engine Ranking Page or Search Engine Ranking Position.

SERP checker tools serve the following functions.

  • It first monitors the overall progress of your SEO campaign. With this, you will be able to identify the exact strategies that will have a notable impact on your website’s site ranking standings.
  • You will receive a notification in the event that your standing drops. This may assist you in making the appropriate response. You can choose to prioritize the tried and tested tactics while discarding the negative elements.
  • It also allows you to keep an eye on your rivals’ SEO progress. You will be able to take note of their strengths and weaknesses. The findings will then allow you to come up with the necessary countermeasures that would safeguard your standings.

Though it sounds like the perfect SEO recipe, it will only impressively work for you if you happen to select the appropriate tool which is another problem by itself. The problem is that there is a wide array of tools available in the market. Each tool comes with its own set of characteristics as well as different levels of efficacy. They also have different names and vary in terms of price.

The selection process is made further cumbersome by the fact that some tools are not completely SERP tracking solutions. The tools instead come as part of a suite that is made up of different digital marketing provisions.

Allow me to tell you that we took up a considerable amount of time to carefully go through a variety of SERP checker tracking tools. The following information will with therefore essentially be a walkthrough of the noteworthy outstanding options that we determined to currently be the best.

For clarity’s sake, I would like to first explain the key factors that we considered during the selection process.

What Are the Factors We Considered When Selecting the Top SERP Tracking Tool?

The Number of Key Words

I am not sure about you, but it is my opinion that the most lovable feature about search engines is their exceeding dynamism. To get your website noticed by different groups of internet users, you can choose to use a variety of keywords. By choosing to go such a route, you should find a SERP tool that will enable you to simultaneously keep track of all the used keywords.


Normally, search engine result pages and positions can be easily seen on Google. Surprisingly, a large group of tracking solutions often do not correctly get these rankings. A SERP checker is essentially useless if it cannot constantly guarantee accurate findings in terms of tracking. This is despite having all the best possible supportive features for an infinite number of keywords.

With all facts put into consideration, your SEO’s accuracy will always reflect the precision of the complementary tools that were used to develop it.

The Monitored Platforms

It is not surprising that you are eager about tracking your site’s standings on the renown This is, however, not the only platform that is being used by prospects. Undoubtedly, google does seem like the indomitable search engine giant. It has however not completely dominated the search engine market.

Google has currently taken up about 92.3% stake of the entire search engine market.

Yahoo and Bing follow by taking up second and third position respectively. Interestingly, Google’s overall share was determined by cumulatively combining all of its local versions and not just

So what point am I driving at?

The SERP tools that you select to leverage should be able to a holistically conduct their tracking. Simply put, the SERP tools should go above and beyond Google’s main site and not only be accommodative to its local version but also include other search engines that are on both Mobile and PC

Report on the Finer Details

Sure, you might encounter a SERP tool that produces precise findings of your website’s overall standing. However, this is not all there is to it. As aforementioned, SERP tracking is essentially a descriptive term that stands for a whole group of functions.

A thorough ranking too should, therefore, be able to offer you much more than simply a report on your rank standings. Top SERP tools should be able to regularly generate reports with all the data that you would require to inform your SEO campaign.


All of these tools obviously come at a cost, isn’t that right?

Actually, there are some SERP tools that despite providing premium features, are absolutely free. Other SERP tools offer the basic features as they mainly target small-scale users that are able to afford their friendly prices.

The vice -versa also applies to the SERP tools that serve the high-level users. A majority, however, have utilized structured pricing along with methodically changing price points for different packages.

Your budget and exact needs are key determinants of what you will proceed to select. By mentioning that, the top SERP tools are reasonably priced, with the solid feature provisions being matched with competitive quotations.

Top SERP (Rank) Tracking Tools

1. AccuRanker

AccuRanker was built to be fast. In fact, the team behind the development of the AccuRanker pride themselves in coming up with the fastest and most precise ranker in the world.

Whether this is a fact or not, I will leave it up for you to decide. What I can resolutely assure you is that this SERP tool comes with a certain set of solid characteristics that drive its rank tracking.

If you are in search of an orderly SERP tracker, then without a doubt this carries the day in terms of simplicity. It conveys the tracking details it has gathered in a perfectly streamlined and straightforward manner.

Additionally, you will be able to navigate through it with relative ease. In addition to allowing you to manage several websites at the same time, it also allows for multiple keyword tracking.

By now I have an inkling feeling of what you are presuming. But here is a point of clarification, inputting an array of topic to your portfolio does not make management more complicated because separating the keywords and domains is actually not a struggle at all.

You are normally able to catch a glimpse of all the domains you are keeping track of in the domains page. They are usually methodically arranged in alphabetical order. Upon selection of a particular domain, a performance overview is displayed by the system. The primary chart and graphs are generated using the corresponding keywords.

The AccuRanker’s Keywords page offers an in-depth analysis on the progress made by your websites’ keywords on Google. Additionally, the system is in charge of providing you with an advanced filter that will assist you in zeroing on the most important keywords. Users can also keep track of a variety of keyword standing parameters such as device type and location.

I have to admit that this is the point where AccuRanker’s instant delivery of the updates being demanded for does come in handy. Obtaining pertinent updates concerning keyword performance ends up being as simple as refreshing their standing analytics. The system will then immediately reset itself.

Surprisingly, that is not where it ends. It seems that this SERP tool does not let your rivals to take a break. AccuRanker further proceeds to carry out analysis while monitoring your competitor’s keywords as well as their individual ranks. The resultant findings are critical in enabling you to compare your strategies against that of your rivals. With that, you will be able to uncover any underlying weaknesses in your strategies.

As a bonus, its users also obtain a social media tracker. However, do not be too quick in discarding it from your SEO campaign. Monitoring how popular your brand is on social media networks is more than just taking note of the likes and shares. If you happen not to have noticed yet, your social media reputation directly translates to your popularity on search engines.

Another notable characteristic of AccuRanker is its free live SERP tool. It allows you to produce keyword ranking findings from any location through a user-friendly interface at absolutely no cost and the results are not complicated.

Are there any restrictions? Unfortunately, you have a daily limit of up to 5 searches. Any more searches fall under the subscription territory. To get the complete story, you can read through my full review of AccuRanker.

Therefore, there is basically the only package offering all the features and it comes in two alternative pricing options. If you would like to pay on a monthly basis then you will averagely have to spend about $79/month. For the annual prepay subscribers, they will have to pay for the whole year in advance but end up saving around $8/ month.

In summary: AccuRanker is my favorite SERP tool since it encompasses all the key features that are needed by most marketers. It also presents its findings in an exceptionally user-friendly manner which is not usually the case for many SEO tools.

2. SEMrush

I could compare SEMrush as the Swiss Army Knife of SEO. I perhaps use a lot of SEO tools more than I need to every day. Some have proved to be very essential in their usage. I mostly leave the SEMrush tab open every time I am doing some work.

Somehow it does it all, from technical audits, keyword searches to competitor analysis. Sample it now for free. I am guessing you have heard about SEMrush already. Not only does it brag of having more than 1.8 million subscribers, but it is quite famous in the digital marketing groups.

There is a convincing explanation as to why it is leading this much. SEMrush goes above and beyond than being just a SERP tracking tool. It also offers SEO site auditing, content analysis, keyword rank research, PPC assessment, social media tracking, and organic analysis.

However, SEMrush is better suited for competitor analysis. Other SEO tracking tools such as SimilarWeb for instance, come in at a close second. Bu in comparison of the two, you will note that SEMrush is the ideal SEO tool for your business.

It may seem SERP tracking is an add on feature whose only role is to strengthen other tools. Since for you to reassess its matching rank you require to audit your site’s SEO. This similarly applies to keyword rank research, competitor analysis, etc.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that it translates to somewhat weak SERP features. It is quite the contrary actually. Not only does SERP tracking supplement other tools in the set, but it also delivers extra data that in turn strengthens the overall SERP tracking function.

Let us consider for instance Keyword Analytics. SEMrush with the use of sophisticated algorithms establishes the most prevalent keyword rank and keywords in a particular business or industry niche. Specific target keywords then prompt the SERP tool to determine your site’s rank.

In addition to this feature is SEMrush’s SERP tracking ability to pinpoint your web pages with the highest probability of ranking well. Thus you will possess the knowledge of knowing where and how to target the majority of your SEO resources.

Another notable feature of SEMrush is the hyper-local SEO targeting ability. It enables dynamic multi-targeting, which essentially checks out multiple locations and devices simultaneously all in one marketing project.

You might find this a tad expensive just for one site, but guess what? SEMrush goes beyond this possibility. You could even snoop on your competitor’s site and afterward reports about their corresponding rankings.
The ability to evaluate the rankings against their corresponding keywords is definitely enticing.

SEMrush goes further and consistently updates its whole system that regularly keeps you posted on all the important ranking considerations. You are thus able to respond quickly to change in rank, even if it is the smallest of changes that are identified almost instantaneously.

Despite all these great features, SEMrush is not available at a low price tag. There is no exclusive package offer for SERP tracking. You are left with no alternative but agreeing on having a package with other additional tools that are deemed unnecessary.

At $ 99.95 per month, SEMrush pro is the affordable package plan available that offers very limited features to freelancers and startups. Followed by Guru at $199.95 per month that focuses on SMBs and with additional features. Lastly at $399.95 per month is the Business plan which was created for dominant web-based businesses.

You have the option of looking into alternate tools in case you discover that SEMrush does not agree with your business needs. If you are serious marketers, do look into the 7 Best SEMrush Alternatives as exploration of your options.

In summary, if you are in search of an all-inclusive SEO suite that possesses an excellent in-built rank tracker, your best bet would be to go with SEMrush. The key determinants to this being your budget and needs. It is perhaps worthy to acquire SEMrush if you plan to use 2-3 of its features. On the other hand, for those only with the aim of utilizing the rank tracking only, they could simply sign up for one of the single options

3. Pro Rank Tracker

An alternative form of an optimized SERP tracker is Pro Rank Tracker. It may not be as developed as compared to AWR (to be discussed later) but do not underestimate the ability of this tool. For the standard small and medium businesses, the tool is quite capable of serving them adequately.

The tool has been created for ranking on a vast collection of keywords thus allowing for local, international, and global ranking. This is achievable by supporting over 187 google sites, plus 35 yahoo sites, and over 32 Bing sites.

In addition to this, it is accompanied by a tracking engine that includes both mobile devices and PC. The tracking of mobile devices is only limited to the top 30 results while that of PC is extended to as far as the top 100 results.

The corresponding feedback does not have to be necessarily conveyed in English. Users can alter their system to report the figures in German, Italian, Turkish, Danish, Spanish, Japanese, French, Dutch, Swedish, and Portuguese.

There are normally regular updates of such feedback daily. But perhaps you are handling time-sensitive updates, then you are capable of performing them manually to elicit on-demand updates. The only limit being the number of times you are allowed to do this which is specific of every user subscription package.

For both report levels and systems, Pro Rank Tracker is also quite modifiable to your preference. You get system personalization that means API access in addition to incorporating third party services such as Google Drive and DropBox. Through the adjustable templates and full white-label functionality, the reports are modifiable.

As a bonus, you are equipped with Google videos and YouTube tracking. As you might have predicted, the feature mainly checks your videos’ rank based on YouTube’s search result pages. Many users have not yet noticed this added feature which is very helpful to websites specific in running marketing campaign videos on YouTube.

Pro Rank Tracker begins at $19 per month when it comes to pricing for the Bronze package. Followed by the Bronze+ level that is a slight improvement from the previous package costing $39 per month. Above this is the Silver package costing $59 per month and finally the Gold package at $199 per month.

There exists a distinct and final package called Enterprise that possesses four unique plans at costs of $189, $349, $569, and $899 respectively.

In summary, Pro Rank Tracker is a suitable cheap mid-tier option. Being on the affordable side, it possesses some distinct features such as tracking your video rank on YouTube. I would recommend Pro Rank Tracker is a must-have if you are a video marketer.

4. Mangools SERPWatcher and SERPChecker

Another close solution to the digital marketing suite space as SEMrush is the Mangools. It possesses five main tools.

They include SiteProfiler which is a website analysis tool and LinkMiner that serves in getting access to backlinks. Another amazing tool is the KWFinder that is optimized for keyword research. Lastly is both SERPWatcher and SERPChecker that are important in matters concerning SERP tracking.

After describing the five principal tools in Mangools, the main ranking tracker here is the SERPWatcher. You are only required to specify a few parameters for you to begin. They include search engine platform, site’s domain, location, plus target keywords.

The system can let you import keywords from Mangools KWFinder thus saving time in the process. If wondering if you can follow up on several keywords simultaneously, the answer is yes.

Another benefit of this tool is the ability of its analysis engine to cover several parameters that assist you in viewing how the multiple keywords rank is behaving in many locations. Such as states, cities, countries, or regions.

SERPWatcher also follows ranking on both mobile devices and PCs since the resulting findings might be different on separate devices. Luckily, you simply click a single switch and it alternates you between the two platforms.

In addition to this, you get to see your site’s dominance index. It is simply a generated chart from your site’s ranking that showcases the organic traffic share. For it to directly translate to supremacy over your competitors, it would be indicated by a larger portion of the share.

This pool of information might seem a little complicated but fortunately, Mangools has made everything easier by showing all the important facts on one page. The information is well arranged such that one column covers the dominance index and important metrics, while the other column is linked to the corresponding ranking positions.

You could instead, with the use of selected timeframes, observe the ranking reports. The tool will take care of the rest after you have selected the period of interest.

You will be also amazed to know that SERPWatcher operates 24/7. It regularly checks on several keywords and ranks the keywords throughout the day while providing regular updates. Another useful metric is the Keyword Difficult that assist you in getting the gist of how difficult it would be to position any search inquiry the process of keyword research.

You might be wondering what is left for the SERPChecker tool in Mangools after seeing the impressive features of the SERPWatcher tool.

Both SERPChecker and SERPWatcher tools operate together to perform a thorough competitor analysis. Using the same parameters as SERPWatcher, SERPChecker scrutinizes your rivals’ rankings. The parameters mentioned include, locations and selected keywords, plus both PC and mobile search engine forms.

Eventually, you will be able to obtain data on SEO strengths and weaknesses by comparing your website versus its direct competitors.

Unfortunately, there is not an option for adopting one tool for use. Both SERPWatcher and SERPChecker come together in the Mangools’ user packages. Despite this pitfall, it is somewhat affordable when compared to SEMrush.

Among the Mangools packages, the cheapest plan is Mangools Basic that costs $49 per month. It performs 100 SERP lookups per day and tracing of 200 keywords.

There is an option of upgrading to Mangools Premium that costs you $69 per month. It performs 500 SERP lookups per day along with a tracing of 700 keywords.

Lastly is the priciest option being the Mangools Agency that costs $129 per month. It is this expensive for a good reason as you can perform 1,200 SERP lookups every 24 hours and trace 1,500 keywords.

5. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is an inclusive keyword tracking tool designed on an all-inclusive framework that uses several applicable approaches.

The main goal here is fundamentally keyword tracking and reporting. This function is aided by additional functionalities such as keyword optimization, traffic analysis, competitor analysis, white labeling, and performance reporting.

Even by its name, you would think that team of developers had the aim of creating a system far more superior to the ranking capabilities of other regular tracking tools. Well, I will confess that they did exactly that and went even beyond what other service providers can do in this field.

If you imagined that hosting about ten search engines was a remarkable feat for a tracking tool, now envision one that goes beyond that. Advanced Web Ranking has the capability of accessing over 3,000 search engines spanning over 130 countries.

You have to admit that such capabilities might seem beyond belief. With such features, you can observe your site’s ranking over several different locations across the planet. You could even with ease narrow down your search to a specific location such as by its street address and zip code.

Not forgetting its keyword capabilities that is also impressive. It is due to the developed AWR that has the ability of taking care of huge complicated projects. You might finish your keyword ideas before reaching half the keyword capacity of your account.

Another amazing feature is the ability to enter keywords in special characters. All of this is included as part of the functionality of AWR’s support for multiple languages. You can thus think of determining your site’s ranking in a foreign language.

It is noteworthy that the succeeding results will be oddly accurate and fresh. It is because Advanced Web Ranking relies on human search emulation mechanism ad geo-located servers that are identical to how you see in your browser. It is important since search engines are known for altering their descriptions every 24 hours. The AWR’s system consistently evolves with altered search engine descriptions regularly.

All of the Google SERP features have been integrated into Advanced Web Ranking over time. Do not be surprised to find your site analysis process taking on similar things such as: knowledge links.

Considering all other characteristics of AWR, the one that stands out the most is its flexibility which users are empowered with.

For instance, while running through a local search engine you will observe that AWR handles reports on several levels. It allows you to customize how simple or difficult you would want your ranking reports.

In fact, you can come up with your own special reports template by switching up the charts, graphs, data display and columns. The full white-label provision is its most interesting customization feature. It allows you to eliminate the AWR brand from the system’s interface and reports which you can replace with your business’ details.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the tool’s great SERP data API to customize the system beyond the graphics level. Once you open up to all programming languages, different types of users will be able to integrate the entire SERP into their in-house networks.

Since data transfers are carried out via SSL transmissions, you thankfully do not have to worry about its security.

Additionally, you are allowed to test out all these options through Advanced Web Ranking without even needing a credit card. When the duration elapses, you can choose to subscribe to the Starter Plan which is ideally meant for Startups at $49/month.

The Pro Plan, on the other hand, is more ideally suited for in-house teams as it comes with an optimization that costs $99/month. For double the features, you will get the Agency plan that is ideal for agencies at $199/month while the highest plan available is the Enterprise plan that supports large data at $499/ month.

In summary, AWR is an amazing choice for junkies that are serious with SEO data. It offers a variety of customizations, can process bulk data reports and has API integrations. Therefore, large Agencies and Enterprise SEO shops should advisably opt to use Advanced Web Ranking here.

I consider the remaining SERP tools to be “runner’s up” and therefore their standings are interchangeable.

6. Se Ranking

Similar to SEMrush, Se ranking is essentially part of a larger group of SEO tools. Its rank tracker feature performs excellently and is actually its CORE feature

Why Should You Go With Se Ranking?

It is considered one of the more precise rank tracking tools. Its “Monitor Changes” feature enables you to see any alterations to your pages. This is great especially when trying to account for the cause and effect that comes with rank fluctuations. This feature is also awesome in a set up where a manager can easily lose visibility.

Additionally, it is awesome for carrying out agency analytics and those that wish to keep track of keyword standings across major brands. It has flexibly priced tiers with the lowest starting at just $39 per month for tracking 250 keywords.

7. Serpstat

Another full SEO suite is Serpstat. It comes with a whole keyword research tool whose functionality is similar to Se Ranking along with a robust rank tracker.

Why Should You Go with Serpstat?

For one, you stand to receive daily SERP updates. Also, agencies or larger teams stand to benefit from being able to add users for free. It also allows for worldwide, local and city-level SERP tracking. With a base plan of $69.99, you will be able to track up to 15,000 keywords.

Other Alternatives:

  • SEOProfiler: It provides a rank tracking module and is generally a great suite. However, its rank tracker is not worth it unless you are already subscribed to their suite.
  • SpyFu: It is exceptional when carrying research on your rivals and it also has a relatively okay in-built rank tracker. It does generally okay when it comes to the up-to-date ranking of data, though I prefer its weekly updates about keyword movements over time.

With all of this knowledge, how should you proceed?

When selecting a SERP tracking solution, always bear in mind the number of keywords you will be able to monitor, the platforms they will be tracked on, the accuracy, the ranking reports, the quantity of information in succeeding findings, SERP monitoring as well as the overall cost.

You should always keep the following statistics in mind:

• 93% of web surfing commences with a search engine query.
• 75% of web users do not go past the 1st search results page.
• 70% to 80% of internet surfers normally snub paid search engine results.