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You know you are a SEO, when..

Think SEO is just what you do for a living? Take a closer look and you will see how it has affected your life.

So, you know you are a SEO, when:

  • you are talking to your friend, and you notice that he/she has unnatural keyword density, which will scare away other people (you)
  • you immediately think up several words or phrases you'd insert in the sentence instead
  • you speak thoroughly choosing words that are most relevant to the person you are speaking and the topic
  • when reading a hardcover book, you think how the author screwed up on a keyword/viral title and chapter titles
  • in a shop, you walk by the products and notice how certain labels lack most relevant (or most popular) keywords
  • you also think that adding various long tail words should help
  • you are absolutely sure that there's a second universe (which is online)
  • sometimes, when you talk to your friends, you feel like you are talking to aliens (from the Real Life planet), while feeling like another alient (from the SEO planet)
  • you are also aware of other planets, such as Graphic Design, Usability, Accessibility, Marketing, etc.
  • one part of your SEO skills is to explain to clients what SEO is and what it can do for their business
  • you are still accustomed to people not trusting you, because they are not ready to accept the challenge of investing a sufficient sum and trusting a complete stranger
  • you are thinking of running your own websites, instead of bringing thousands of profits for pennies for others
  • whenever you notice something interesting in your life, you immediately get a title to a post about it (or maybe even the post), while regretting you don't have a blog in the niche to write about it
  • you are always thinking of starting up another website in yet another niche
  • you do buy domains and start new websites occasionally
  • you know where the Google name has come from
  • you have your own opinion about Google
  • you even have several gripes with Google
  • you got used to the blank look you get, when you tell people what you do
  • you are very well aware of other people having inaccurate (so say the least) point of view on SEO
  • you are one of those, who feel unfairly accused of spamming (since you do SEO), when all you do is pure white hat
  • you can relate to most of the points above
  • you can add at least a couple of points to the list
  • you are currently thinking whether to link to it or not, while ending up writing a list yourself in hope to get more natural links

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