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Why I love to blog or reasons to run one

Lately, I've been tagged by Bill to talk about the reasons why I love to blog.

As a matter of fact, it is very simple:

  • a blog is an easy way to create content
  • it is easy to promote a blog in the blogosphere
  • it is time to share what I have learned
  • it is easy to find like-minded people to communicate with
  • I needed a place to link to

Easy way to create content

Typing a post and hitting the "Publish" button is way easier than hand-coding a website manually. It is possible one of the reasons blogs took the world by storm, I suspect.

Easy to promote

When talking with other bloggers via trackbacks, it is easy to get noticed from other blogs. Not to mention if you comment on other blogs. Not only it helps to attract subscribers, but also helps you to build relationships with other experts in the industry.

Time to share

Having spent a couple of years (3-5 hours a day) learning SEO, copywriting, usability, web design, accessibility and all that pretains to the work of SEO, it is natural to hit the space where the amount of new information is significantly low. Maybe I got used to learning anything new, though.

Now it is time to return the favor to all the other industry bloggers and forums by writing what I know for others to see (the blog has been visited by around 30k humans since launch).

Find the like-minded people

When you talk to other people in the blogosphere, you naturally get to know people, who can understand you, talk with you about the latest innovative ideas or discuss an interest matter. It adds spice to being an expert, especially an online Web builder.

A place to link to

When I was posting frequently on various forums, it got tedious to answer similar questions all the time (it appears this reason is not new). So I basically needed to write a post or two to answer the peoples' questions. Unfortunately, many forum owners prohibit linking to your own sites, so I left those earlier than others (I left the other forums, because it is more efficient to write content for your own site, than for others).

Rounding up

Of course, the reasons I write now may not be the reasons why I started blogging. But these are what fascinate me about blogging currently, and there are many more reasons, really. Maybe they'll change in the future, too.

I'd love to hear from:

P.S. You can track the meme here:


Okay - it was why i DON'T blog sometimes - but it seemed like I'd just be repeating the good things others said -


I have edited the post to include the link, Todd.

Thanks for stopping by.

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