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Why and how to create unique valuable content

Want to get more targeted search engine traffic? Want more conversions? Improve your website by writing unique valuable content for your site visitors. Read on to learn how.

Why content?

Writing valuable content for your site can get you more targeted traffic and help you to increase conversions. Here is why:

Get more traffic

  • by adding unique content, you make your site findable by a much wider array of words (search queries)
  • people will link to valuable content, which will increase your website search engine rankings
  • valuable content will also generate word-of-mouth advertising

Increase conversions

  • by getting more traffic the amount of potential customers will increase, thus increasing conversions
  • when providing value to your visitors, they will be more likely to remember you when they need your kind of product or service
  • while reading your unique and valuable material, your visitors will have more time and ideas of purchasing your product or service

The most interesting thing is that when you get more word of mouth advertising, incoming links, you will get more visitors, which will also recommend your site to other people and will link to your site gladly, thus generating the snowball effect. The more valuable content (snow) you create, the greater your success (avalanche) will be.

What to write?

There may be different kinds of content that may be of interest to your visitors, however there is only main principle: the content is aimed to provide value. Here are various kinds of content that you may place on your site:

  • about how your product/service is important (in everyday life, once in a while, etc)
  • about different kinds of your product or service
  • how to choose a product or service
  • basics of using a product or basic information, related to the service
  • advanced ways of using a product
  • advanced techniques, provided with a service
  • complimentary products/services review or advice about

Though the type of content may be limited within hundreds of options, each site can get a wealth of unique, quality content, because in itself, each site is unique and their owners have their own views on their product or service. Thus, it may be guaranteed that any site can build a lot of attractive, valuable content easily.

Update: To prove my words, here is an example of content ideas what one could write about tooth picks.

How to write?

As the information is aimed to help the visitor, to keep readers interested, it should be written in a neutral or personal style, perhaps injecting some light humor, a couple of puns, jokes or allusions here and there. The most important point is, though, to provide extreme value to the visitor.

The piece of content should be written, addressing the problem from various points, analyzing it, probing it here and there and giving the reader tips on how to best do for something him/herself. This can be achieved on focusing on the benefits to the reader, talking directly to his needs and offering various effective ways of accomplishment.

Special attention should be paid to not advertising your website, product or service within the content. This will make your piece of text advertising, which most Internet people have strong aversion to. Of course, you can mention that your product can solve a particular problem, but that's the most you can allow yourself to write.


Though creating unique, quality content for your visitors will help you to drive your targeted audience, it is also important to focus on keeping the people on your site, engaging them with it and converting them to your customers. This way both, you and the customers, get what you want: you get loyal customers and your clients get what they came for and had great experience on the Internet.


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