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When you need site optimization (or not)

The Internet is full of site owners, looking for ways to get more visitors, SEOs, looking to improve their skills and understand the latest landscape changes, and others, wanting to understand what they can do to get more sales. You must have seen them on the forums, in the blog comments or even personally. But when is it not the right time to think about optimizing your website, and when it is?

When SEO won't help

Strangely enough, there is a number of situations, when optimizing a website will only be a waste of time, money and, possibly, a business opportunity:

When there are only two obvious cases, they are too popular to ignore them. In short, if you don't have anything useful to offer to the people, you don't deserve to be in the top seach results. And it will be not only insanely hard to promote your website under these conditions, but it will be absolutely pointless, because the people will leave your site immediately and will not use your product.

When you can use optimization

Alternatively, there are cases when implementing basic SEO and usability principles will not only boost your website visibility, but will also save you lots of time and money. Naturally enough, this happens, when you only create your website or its elements and don't think about traffic:

In essense, you could:

While the above tips are simple, they are not only aimed at the people, but will also help you with the search engines.

SEO and a website

Ideally, you need to think hard about every action you will do before you create your website. You need to think how you can integrate all the website elements during the design process, how to write for the people with the search engines in mind and how to market most efficiently (naturally, essentially).

As you can see, though the tips may sound simple, the overall preparation process may take a while. If you know how to go around creating and optimizing a site yourself, you should be good enough. However, if you are new to the whole Internet thing and want your website not only to be created for your customers, but also with the search engines in mind, working with a search engine optimization consultant may prove an efficient way to establish an online presence.

Rounding up

The whole website promotion idea, especially from the social marketing perspective, is about the value. In fact, everything is about the value and the cost of something. To build a successful website, you already need a valuable product beforehand and only then you need to think about creating, optimizing and promoting your website.

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