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What I Do, When not Improving the Web

I've been tagged by Elizabeth to write about what I am doing, when not doing SEO.


When I have a full time job, I run in the morning (2-6am). It turned out I can't make myself run, if I don't have a financial guarantee to afford food and equipment in the long run (literally, too), btw. In winter, it is mostly fast, short runs, while in summer I tend to run for hours.


As Elizabeth, I also cook, but nothing fancy. It doesn't mean it isn't delicious though.

Macaroni with melted honey, butter and cheese? Yum!

Or maybe potatoes+mushrooms+tomatos+greenery?

  • roasted/boiled potatoes (one dish)
  • roasted mushrooms (another dish)
  • sliced tomatos with coriander (silantro), dill, parsley and spring onions (and another dish)?

This combo is just fantastic, if you have the patience to cook it (usually, it takes under an hour, or it can take less, if you use two heating elements or put it all into one pan).

How about delicious roasted eggplants (aubergines)?

  • roast sliced onion and carrot(s)
  • add squared/sliced eggplants
  • spice it up with small pinches of salt, curry, cinnamon, saffron, powdered ginger, paprika and whatever else you want
  • then add sliced sweet pepper
  • and finally, add sliced tomatos
  • roast/stew till the vegetables are soft (about 30min for everything, if I remember right)

I hope you have had a bite ;) And to top it off, everything above is vegan (not just vegeterian), so it is suitable for everyone (except for someone not eating vegetables, if there is such a spicies).

Learn languages

On the weekends, when there isn't much to do, I often brush my English (been a while, though), improve my German and learn French. Learning languages is a good pasttime to keep your brain busy (and give you a chance to travel/communicate online easier).

Tag bloggers

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