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What exactly to write about: content ideas example

Simply knowing that you need to write a lot of unique, high quality content, aimed to interest your site visitors and potential customers may drive you nuts. "Yeah, right. Content. But what exactly to write about?" Check out an example below: what one can write about a toothpick.

The example

Not to seem more talkative than efficient, let's examine a case of a toothpick. Here is what can be written about tooth picks:

  • the benefits of using toothpicks versus not using any
  • how often to use toothpicks
  • how to use a toothpick most efficiently (technique description with drawings)
  • after eating which food tooth picks may be helpful
  • after which they are useless
  • the etiqettue of using toothpicks in public
  • the materials, used in manufacturing toothpicks, featuring benefits and disadvantages of materials
  • how to choose a toothpick
  • "To pick or to thread?" - pros and cons
  • how to treat one's teeth for maximum health
  • what to avoid eating when having a tooth ache
  • how to cure a tooth ache without a dentist (with tested remedies and a warning for no liability)
  • how to ease a tooth ache before going to a dentist
  • what to eat to keep your teeth healthy
  • what to pack for a picnic, a fishing ride or an (international) travel
  • useful things to use toothpicks for (fixing hair, making long-lasting matches, etc)
  • amusing things to use a toothpick for (building miniature houses, boxes, etc)
  • launch a "Save the woods" campaign and offer plastic toothpicks or those, made with recycled paper or wood shavings (if there are any)
  • list interesting resources about toothpicks
  • ten facts you don't know about tooth picks
  • twenty facts you should know about tooth picks
  • interesting, amusing, sensational facts about tooth picks
  • you know you are addicted to toothpicks, when..
  • toothpicks are better than sex, because..
  • how your customers use tooth picks
  • fun real stories about toothpicks
  • serious real life stories about tooth picks
  • and much more..

But why the tooth pick content example?

No, I do not have a tooth pick factory or an online store nor I use any toothpicks. I have chosen a toothpick to show that one can think up of a lot of content about anything, even about such a common, undescriptive thing as a tooth pick. And I don't want to rank for any "tooth picks" as well (though it might be amusing of course).

Where can I get more content ideas?

First of all, you can get more ideas from a thorough keyword research.

Secondly, you can ask your customers for words they use, when relating to your product. You can also ask them what information is required on your site (as simple as that) or which problems or issues interest them about your product. Of course, you'd rather offer them an incentive - a discount or free product, for instance.

Brainstorming with your colleagues may be helpful as well, just keep in mind that you know your product from the inside, while it is important to find out the words people use outside of your company. That's why customer interaction and keyword research are so important.

Also, you can think about site content with a viral aspect: what content do you need about your product to make people talk about you everywhere, link to you, etc? This may get you some off the beaten path content ideas.

You can also check the 78 ideas for additional content from Jim Boykin.

If you think your product can't be written about, leave a comment here. I'll try give you as many content ideas for it as well.


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