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Website optimization

How to optimize site speed

One of the main issues on the Internet is, still, website loading speed. Let's see how we can improve our site to make it load faster and improve conversions.

Site speed factors

What affects site loading speed? Let's see:

How to make a WordPress blog visitor and SEO friendly

WordPress seems to be the blogging platform of choice for the majority of blogger-wanna-be's. But does everyone make their blog user and search engine friendly? It's easier than it sounds.


To make your WordPress blog user and SE friendly, you'll need to make sure there is enough navigation between your posts and pages, that your site performs well and that keywords are better placed. There are just a few things you need to handle:

64 website optimization things you'd rather know

Though it may help if you know the myths of website optimization, you may as well learn some truths to guide your way.


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