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Website optimization

When you need site optimization (or not)

The Internet is full of site owners, looking for ways to get more visitors, SEOs, looking to improve their skills and understand the latest landscape changes, and others, wanting to understand what they can do to get more sales. You must have seen them on the forums, in the blog comments or even personally. But when is it not the right time to think about optimizing your website, and when it is?

When SEO won't help

Strangely enough, there is a number of situations, when optimizing a website will only be a waste of time, money and, possibly, a business opportunity:

When and how to find, buy and receive website optimization services

Sure, there has been a lot said on optimizing websites. But what if you don't want to spend your time on learning website optimization, but want to hire a specialist to do the job? How do you find, choose and work with the professional?

When do I need the services?

One of the most important things to do is to decide, whether you need outside assistance or not. Sometimes, this may be the core factor of (dis)satisfaction, when working with a site optimization person.

60 Website optimization myths you need to forget

There have long been various myths, by which starting site owners or optimizers live by. Unfortunately, some of the myths are quite persistant to perishing (like the meta tags one), so it may be worth it to dispel some of them right here.

Website optimization evolution

It is about two years that I have been studying copywriting, SEO, SEM, HTML/CSS, usability, accessibility and all that and I noticed a couple of interesting things.

The learning process

As it always happens when learning something, some things evolved and some things remained constant. A lot of information (articles, tips on forums, blog posts, etc) illuminate a certain aspect of website optimization and you either become more confident in your current knowledge or update it with the new information.

Web Design Optimization Guide

Webmasters who believe that there is no need to optimize web design are on a state of SEO confusion. This belief will lead to the failure of the overall search engine optimization process. It is important to optimize your site's design along with other factors like your site's content, links, page titles and Meta tags.

User Performance Design

Last week on the Cre8PC blog Kim Krause Berg mentioned two new usability documents released by Larry Constantine. The post led me to one of Larry's older documents entitled Beyond User-Centered Design and User Experience: Designing for User Performance, which I have just recently read. The previous link will take you to a page where you can download the PDF.

The key to website optimization

You know, recently, there has been a trend to separate the work of optimizing websites into SEO, SEM, copywriting, usability, accessibility and what not. But do you really need to dive into all the aspects of web development when creating a website?

What to optimize?

In reality, you need to have a website that will allow your visitors do what they want - and this is what you want them to do as well. That simple.

Optimizing web sites in small steps

Generally, when you learn a new website optimization technique or SEO trick, you are eager to try it out on your site with hopes of reaping immediate dividends. But how really quick you need to optimize your site?

If the knowledge you received has been proven by others and there is no chance it may be a waste of time (like writing quality content, for instance), you surely can start implementing it on your site. But instead of simply jumping the gun with website optimization, you'd rather improve your site in little steps and there are several reasons for such a schedule.

Learn website optimization efficiently

It, probably, crossed your mind that, if you knew how to improve your site yourself, you'd save yourself a lot of time, money and get infinite amount of traffic and sales. Let's see how you can at least know how to optimize your site and whether all that you dream about can come true.

Improve your website and win more customers

Most often, even successful websites can be improved to increase performance. Let alone their less successful brethren. How do you improve your already functioning website smartly?


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