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Choosing a content management system to build your website


Nothing irks a non-tech savvy person so much as an "opportunity" to manage his website him- or herself: creating each page individually from a template, copying the file to the FTP server, placing links from other pages manually and what not.

That's what keeps content management systems alive: they make the whole process of building and managing website easy for a non-developer type of person. In this post, you can learn how to choose the right content management for yourself and your website.

Building a website without a budget (yes, for free)


While it is naturally understood that to start up a website, you need to have some sort of a budget, with enough time on your hands, you can build a website with little or no budget at all.

No budget? Fear not

When you are pressed for budget, you still can build and promote a website. "How do I do that?" you may ask. "Easy enough." Instead of investing money in building a website, you will invest your time in it.

Here's what you need to get started:

Should web designers consider usability?


It is no secret that some web designers consider themselves visual sorcerers, conjuring masterpieces for the Web. Should they even bother about such a buzzword as website usability?

Why consider usability?

Sure, the primary goal of a web designer is to create an appealing visual layout. But is the layout compatible with the goal of a website? And what is the goal of a website?


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