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Use 12 Giant Lists of Social Sites to Save Time and Get Traffic


Lately, it's been fun finding niche social sites. However, instead of being limited to sites that interest me, you'd rather go check the lists of social sites and pick the ones that fall in your industry.

12 Lists of Social Sites

  • Social networking god: 350 categorized social networking sites from Mashable (Oct 2007)
  • Digg-style applications: Hundreds of categorized custom Digg style sites, Pligg-based sites, social sites/networks in foreign languages and so on.
  • 83 social sites: various social sites, cagetorized by the topic. Judging by the size of the list, I'd figure it covers most common topics and the sites have some traffic.

Share Your Ideas, Write Posts and Do It Now


I've had several great ideas on how to build a site or what content to create for months now, but the lack of time doesn't allow me to do much.

As time passes by, I notice people doing what I thought would be a good idea or already developed sites, right what I was thinking about. This was and is not only amuzing, but also interesting.

For example, I've noticed this phenomenon a while ago and surely enough, Aaron Wall finally writes about sharing your ideas now (with more examples of this lazy bloggers plague).

What Makes the Community Sites Different?


Back in the days, Web 2.0 was defined as a new medium that allows people to share things. Blogs and social sites were Web 2.0 and forums and personal sites were 1.0.

State of the Web and the forums

In a Cre8asite Forums thread, a question is raised about the state of the Web and where forums find themselves in it.

And while this is a very good question, it got me thinking. What makes a forum and what makes a social site?

How do You Use Your Power Account?


In social marketing, having a powerful account to submit from helps to get the story to the front page, or to get noticed, at least. In fact, some link baiters build strong accounts specifically to get successful promotions for their clients.

Lately, as my Stumble Upon account grows, I begin to sense responsibility for stuff I thumbs up and review, because it is seen by the people from the Web industry.

Use 25 Expert Techniques to Have a Successful Blog


Blogging has been proven and advised to attract large quantities of visitors, readers and, possibly, customers. Whatever your reason to blog is, follow these proven techniques from the experts to become a successful blogger.

Put plenty of effort in your blog

Most beginner bloggers think that blogging is easy. It is, on the surface. However, you may want to know that:

  • it takes time and effort to produce posts
  • it takes time to get noticed

How to improve your blog


Lately, Steve has tagged me to write three tips on improving one's blog. I don't want to write only a part of what I know on improving blogs, so I'll present as many as I can think of.

When it comes to improving your blog, there are numerous aspects to think about:

Social marketing - the next edge in Internet marketing


There has been a lot been written about including the social aspect in your marketing strategy. While it may not seem a worthy endeavour, there is something to think about.


Though there have been numerous discussions on adding customer interaction to your online business, social marketing is also beyond your website. Social marketing is when you integrate yourself and your online business into the online community of your industry by

Social bookmarking isn't everything or why you don't need Digg


There was some buzz about social marketing lately, and, coupled with the link bait issue, it may form quite an impression that creating content to spread virally and to get links and Diggs is the way to go. However, you also need to consider the marketing strategy and brand image of your product or service. Let's see how you can leverage the word of mouth aspect of marketing to your advantage.

Marketing through forums and other social networks


When Yuri interviewed me one of his questions was in regards to finding clients through forums. I thought I'd expand a little on that question and talk about how to use forums to market yourself and your business.

One of the best ways to market a business has always been to network with others. Many businesses rely on word of mouth advertising to gain new clients and customers in the offline world. Online the same basic idea of networking can also prove valuable to new and existing businesses.

How to use word of mouth


Most probably, the previous post about how not to do your viral campaign left more questions than answers. Here is a post to give you a more clear idea what to focus on if you want your product to gain the word of mouth aspect as well.

Before we jump to characteristics of your product, let's see the general attributes of a viral message:

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