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15 things a SEO client should remember


SEOs rarely vent on how stressful it is sometimes to be a SEO: find, talk and work with their clients. What can you do, as a SEO client, to get the most results by keeping your SEO happy?

Steve of TheVanBlog and I have listed a number of moments anyone, intending to work with a SEO, needs to consider. The more you put into practice, the more joyous your SEO will be and the better website you will get in the end.

Eight tips on how to improve your AdWords conversions and bid costs at a time


With the recent AdWords landing page quality update, it has become even more important to improve your AdWords campaign to not only increase conversions, but to reduce your bid costs. What can you do to achieve that?

The main principle here is focus. The more your keyword, ad text and the landing page are focused on providing specific information to convert your customer, the better. Here are a couple of tips on how you can reduce your PPC costs.

Vote for your SEO forum


If you frequent some SEO forum you like getting advice from, it is your chance to return the favor to it.

Go to TopRankBlog and vote for your forum.

If you don't find it in the list, leave a comment with the name of your forum.

I have long been a reader and a member of Cre8asite Forums, so I voted for them (yes, go visit the forums, too, while you are at it).


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