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How to do keyword research and learn what your customers need


Keyword research is the core of any SEO campaign, since the keywords you pick during the research will be included in your website copy, into your PPC campaigns and any other website promotion campaigns. In a sense, keyword research is similar to customer research, because you are studying what words your potential clients use when searching for your service or product.

Here is what you need to do to run a solid keyword research:

How to buy links


There is quite a number of ways and strategies to build links, but, of course, there is never enough of them. Buying links, though sometimes costly, may prove pretty efficient, when used right. Let's see how buying links using Text Link Ads may be helpful.

How to buy links?

Before we look at Text Link Ads, let's see how buying links can be helpful. You may look at paid website promotion, if:

Guide to outsourcing SEO


Generally, SEOs are quite handy in doing research, creating pages, optimizing pages, finding links and what not. But there come times, when any given amount of time is not enough to spend the efforts efficiently. This is where a need for an additional employee comes up and some also consider outsourcing some SEO work to a freelancer. Let's review why, what exactly you need to outsource and what to keep in mind about it.

DMOZ: why and how to submit your site


There has been an idea floating around that getting listed in DMOZ is the main criterion, whether a site is successful or not. Let's see whether it is really true and how you can get your site listed in DMOZ, too.

About DMOZ

DMOZ (Open Directory Project) is the largest human edited directory on the web. It lists only quality websites and has strict editorial standards for inclusion. That's why it is valued not only by the people, but by the search engines as well.

Direct targeted traffic as the most important link value factor


Recently, I have written about various value factors of incoming links. Naturally, I touched upon the factors that the search engines take into account, when they evaluate the sites, pages and links. Could there be some off-page factors that determine the link value?

Build links naturally


Perhaps, any webmaster or SEO or a search engine marketer is always busy looking for ways to get links. If not, they are just looking for places to get links. So what's the most efficient to get links?

What is natural link building?

The most powerful links are natural links, so it should be wise to focus on building links naturally.

Matt Cutts Videos: just the juice


As you surely know by now, Matt Cutts has released quite a number of videos . For those who want it now and fast and don't want to spend time on watching/listening to videos, here is a short gist of what Matt said (it is still recommended to watch the videos to get the full detail).

Video #1: Some SEO myths

Issue: Do I get penalties if I have too many sites on the same server (IP) or the same Javascript on many sites?

Advanced keyword research tactics


Sure, researching the words your customers use to find your product or service or whatever information you provide is essential to make your SEO campaign effective. However, what can you do to get the most out of keyword research?

A link is a reference and what it is for us


There has been a lot said about getting links, PageRank and all that. It looks like everyone is obsessed with getting links, no matter the quality, targeted visitors or any ethical concerns. Let's see another perspective on what a link is and how it can affect our understanding of being linked to and linking out.

A link is a reference

Links are usually editorial votes given by choice.. (Matt)

7 reasons to use ethical website optimization and promotion


There are hundreds of way you can optimize and promote your website, but there is a lesser amount of methods that don't go against any human ethics or search engine guidelines. Why would you want to stick to ethical website optimization?

Lasting value, long-term results

When you use ethical (white hat) site optimization and promotion methods, you go along with the search engine guidelines. This means they won't drop you from their index and you'll keep getting a steady stream of visitors.


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