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The legend of Google Sandbox


There is nothing in the world of SEO so entirely mind-grabbing and so mysterious as the Google Sandbox. But really, is the box as black as it is painted?

Nope. Put simply, there is no such a thing as Google Sandbox.

Instead, there are several algorithmical factors that prevent websites from showing up in the SERPs for competitive terms right after their launch.

Such factors may as well be:

SEO and ethics: why SEOs are not scam


Some time ago, there was a lot of buzz on why SEOs are not to be trusted, their job is worthless and they shouldn't be paid or something. As the matter is still important, most probably you'll find the post, clarifying the nuances of why the image of SEO is blurred, interesting.

What is SEO?

The most important moment to think about before calling someone out is to think what SEO really is:

Search engine ranking factors: place your keywords smartly


There is a lot of stuff written about doing your keyword research and writing quality content, but not much about where you need to place your keywords. So what are the factors you need to know to get better search engine rankings?

No SEO, just people


Having been a SEO for a couple of years, and have talked to various people about SEO, it clearly becomes apparent that SEO, nowadays, is not about websites or the search engines, but people.

Link building strategies using quality content


One of the important things you can do to your website is to get links, as links is what allows people to navigate the Web. How do you get links?

Introduction to link building

Fortunately for some, unfortunately for others, there is quite a number of link building strategies, each tactic requiring different efforts and providing different results.

Introduction to link building: how to start


While it is more or less easy to understand what to do before creating a website, getting links may present some difficulty, in a sense that link building is just that..getting links.

Incoming links value factors


While everyone keeps talking about getting 'quality, relevant links', it is rarely said what those are. Let's see how you can identify a good link and estimate a page or a site to get links from.

The basics

A link relevance is when the web page (or a website) is on the same topic as yours.

Link quality depends on the amount of links to the page that links to you and on the amount of outgoing links from the page.

Improve your landing page for Google Adwords to increase ROI


The page that visitors land from your AdWords ad is the most important thing in your PPC campaign right now, judging by the latest AdWords landing page quality update.

How to get targeted web site traffic


Getting traffic is one of the things that any webmaster is constantly occupied with. But what is more important is targeted traffic, because only targeted traffic can give you customers. So how do you get targeted visitors?

What to target?

Before doing anything, you need to define who your target audience is. Depending on your product, those can be quite different people with their own interests, needs and so on. Thus, you need to know what they need to give it to them by means of your product. But how do you know what people need?

How to fix duplicate content issues


Not all webmasters are aware that search engines view each URL as a different page, even it has the same content or is different from the other URL by ending with a slash or if it preceeded by a www or not. To serve only one version of the page to get the deserved traffic, you'll need to remember a couple of things about fixing URL issues.


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