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Do You Use Your Own Knowledge for Yourself?


As an expert, especially, if you do consulting, you, probably, spend a great deal time of using your knowledge for your clients and educating them around the industry. But how well do you apply your knowledge to your own work and business?

For example, for any client, you'd probably advise:

  • knowing the industry (you do that already, hopefully)
  • building something of value and providing value on every step of the journey

Little Known Source of Expert SEO Tips Revealed


In the SEO world, nearly everything is known and more or less everyone knows the most useful SEO blogs. However, you can also use the source of expert SEO tips few people know about.

Ammon Johns is one of the few SEOs that have been around since the dawn of the Internet days. His knowledge is so broad and advice so deep and useful that if your question is answered by Ammon, consider your problem solved.

Understand SEO pricing and get a good SEO company


On the Web, technology is developing so fast that even the majority of the self-proclaimed specialists know less than 70% of the stuff (how's that for just coined statistics) and have little practice and confidence with the latest developments of the industry.

Given that potential search marketing clients know even less, than the professionals (or just enough to be dangerous), it is pretty hard not only to find a good SEO, but also to get one for a good price.

Making as it should be: SEO expectations and results


When it comes to hiring a search engine optimization professional, people usually expect to get substantial return on investment. And rightly so.

However, what they don't take into account is how much time and money it will take to get noticed online.

What can one expect from online marketing?

As search engine optimization provides certain improvements in visibiity, it is no surprise that it may lead to products becoming popular and widely used. But can SEOs make an unknown product popular?

Build stronger websites


Apart from bringing profit, another important part of a website is being able to live through various changes in the market.

What is a market proof website?

Back in the days, Jacob suggested creating a search-engine proof website: a website, created, as if there were no search engines, and which would get visitors no matter what the search engines come up with. I have investigated this point a bit more, too.

Results 100% guaranteed or risk is a part of the deal


Often, people, who hire a SEO, are not willing to accept that the SEO does not 100% guarantee results. In fact, they are often demanding and expect extreme profits no later, than yesterday. However, when it comes to the Web, where people and the search engines rule the world, there can't be anything 100% guaranteed.

What is SEO risk?

Given that an Internet marketer (or a SEO) can't control:

  • other people beyond his website optimization and promotion methods
  • his client's competitors
  • how search engines work

Optimize your site for local search engine traffic


Getting local search engine traffic is one of the things that small businesses aspire to. Some even don't know they can increase the amount of local visitors by improving their website. So what can a local small business do to get the long-wanted local traffic?

What is local search?

Before we list things to do on your site to improve your local search engine traffic, we need to define what we want. This will help us to actually get what we want.

What is SEO?


It may seem like everyone and their beloved pet knows what SEO is and when and how they can use it. Let's see see what really SEO is and what it brings to us.

What is SEO?

Of course, SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and is usually referred to the industry or a process of optimizing websites to be well interpreted by the search engines. A SEO is a SEO expert or anyone practicing search engine optimization.

The truth about directory submissions


Directory submission seems to be one of the popular SEO services, as it is sometimes only one of the few ways a starting website can get incoming links. But is it worth spending your time or even $100-$200 for submitting your site to 500+ directories?

There are different types of directories: paid directories, free directories and free reciprocal directories. Each of them differs in how much value it can give to you and how much they take from you.

The long tail of search


Now that I have finally finished a book review of "The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson, I can finally write about using the principle of the Long Tail in search engine optimization.


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