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Interesting SEO Expert Video Interviews from SES


Recent Search Engine Strategies conference has given us plenty of videos, filmed by Mike McDonald of WebProNews.

Paid Links: Michael Gray and Rand Fishkin

Rand and Michael discuss Google's policy on paid links, how Google uses fear, uncertainty and doubt, why there are some questions left still and what webmasters are supposed to do.

SEO interviews (including video) collection


You know, it is always great to stumble upon an interview with a knowledgeable SEO. Why not have a complete list of SEO interviews, then?

While there are a lot more interviews (as you'll be able to see from the SEO interviews lists below), I have only listed the ones those, I suppose, which will give useful information to you.

Video interviews are listed at the bottom of this post.


Introducing a guest blogger: Joe Dolson


Today you will (hopefully) read a guest post about Joe Dolson, a web designer with focus on website accessibility. His posts should be a nice way to add more information about accessibility to this blog, as I, as it appears, not frequent the topic very often.

Interview with Steven Bradley (vangogh)


Lately, I have invited Steven Bradley of The Van Blog, known as vangogh on multiple web development, SEO and small business forums, to guest blog here.

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