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Link bait versus quality content


As you probably know, there are a lot of articles on creating link bait. But what is link bait for your customers and how can you create the most efficient content?

Meet link bait

Link bait was termed as content, aimed to get the most number of links from visitors. As it is specifically aimed for gaining links, it is compared to a bait. Hence, link bait.

Generally, certain link baits are more effective then others. Link bait examples may be:

Learn how to write a well-researched article and get more loyal readers


When writing content for your website, the content quality plays a large role in inspiring your site visitors to bookmark your website, share it with their friends or link to it. This is when writing well-researched articles or blog posts is helpful. Let's see how you do that.

How to write website content


Generally, website owners are overly concentrated on getting the best graphical layout for their site at all costs, but few go further to work on SEO and usability and even fewer focus on creating website content. How can you create a content that will convert? Read on.

There are a couple of things to consider before writing your site content:

How to write human-friendly page titles


One of the most important elements on a page is its title. It is quite amusing to see most sites completely ignore this fact. What can you do about the page titles and why should you do anything? Read on.

Why bother?

No, really, why bother with something less than a string of text? Here is why:

How to write for the people


Whenver an advice is giving about writing content, it is about 'writing for the people/humans'. Often, however, there is little help given in the right direction. So how do you write your site text for the people?

The basics

In fact, everything is quite simple. You need to consider your site visitors interests when writing content:

How to format text (content) on your website


It may be a surprise for you, but Internet is a different information medium. It is different how information is presented to you and what kind of information you can find. That's why it is important to know how to prepare the web text to be easily absorbed.

Basic principles

The Web medium is different from the print media (books, magazines, newspapers) in a way that you need to read the information from the screen:

How best to handle intellectual property issues


Though I am not a lawyer myself, nor have I any juridical education, I still suspect there's an area that someone handling a copyright, a trademark or any other intellectual property issue that isn't covered widely - especially by lawyers. Read on to understand why.

Balancing between short and long copy


While you may have read about creating quality information for your websites and how to write it, you may also be interested in know how much to write about your products, services, sales copy, etc.

Tell them everything

First of all, you need to make sure you have informed your readers of everything about what your offer. This will ensure they will make an educated decision about it. For example, your copy may include:

Article formatting: a single page vs multiple parts


A recent discussion at SEO Refugee was about having a piece of information in a single article or on multiple pages. Naturally, there are occasions when either is more useful.

Single page articles

What is a single page article? A single page piece of content is just that. Anything you have written, you put on a single page and place a link from your site.

What are the benefits of single page articles over multiple-part articles?

Quality content: not just web site text


As you may have noticed, I am all for creating quality content for your website not only to convert more customers, but to get extra links and traffic as well. But website content isn't just website text (copy).


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