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Use Words on Your Site Correctly: The Complete Guide


When optimizing your website, it is generally expected that your pages need to have certain keyword density to be ranked with the search engines. While it is a good idea to have at least one keyword on the page, you also need to remember that real people will be reading your pages, so you need to also write your text for the people.

Learn How to Write Titles to Get Traffic and Links: The Ultimate Guide


You are destined to boost your traffic, links and profit by writing great articles and posts. However, one of the most important factors that influence the success of your content, becides content quality and promotion, is the post title (headline). That's why you need to write great headlines to motivate your readers to read, talk and link about you.

Use this 'how to write titles' list to build your readership:

    How to Write Mind-Blowing Titles like CopyBlogger

Describe the Reality Precisely and Connect to the People


I suspect every marketer has a continuous train of thought rolling in the direction of connecting to his audience. Almost everyone knows that you need to know your audience, its needs, interests, values and so on to connect. But is there anything else you may be leaving aside?

Describe the Reality

When you tell your potential customers to use the product they need, because it'll make their life easier, most likely, you are describing their reality. Of course, it closely matches to yours, as you should be interested in what you are selling.

Create link-worthy content to get more visitors and links


Lately, I've been re-reading the masterpieces about creating link-worthy content. It is sometimes useful to recall what you know to be more efficient. Thus, you may as well either remember what you've heard about linkbait or learn new things from the links below.

What is link-bait?

Nowadays, linkbait is some kind of content, created with the intent of getting links. Most effective linkbaits are build on delivering great content, tools and such.

How to Lure Your Site Visitors to Stay


To attract more site visitors, you must have relevant web content. But the content alone will not make them stay. Furthermore, content alone does not guarantee the conversion of your site visitors into customers. You have to make them stay longer in your site. The longer they stay, the more chances you have to convert them into online customers.

Write in simple, natural language


Online, people have the amount of memory span rapidly approaching zero. They have a lot of things to learn, more things to do and some things to share. And all that during a single day.
Writing your material using simple language will make it easier for your readers to understand your ideas and read your article to the end.

Write for them, personally


When you write for your customers, you'd rather address them directly in your site copy, instead of speaking about the product, vague benefits or even your company.

Address directly

Actually, this is all pretty simple. People are only interested in them - even when they are seemingly interested in others. Oh wait. Let's put it this way: you are only interested in yourself - even when you are seemingly interested in others.

Notice the difference?

Why and how to create unique valuable content


Want to get more targeted search engine traffic? Want more conversions? Improve your website by writing unique valuable content for your site visitors. Read on to learn how.

Why content?

Writing valuable content for your site can get you more targeted traffic and help you to increase conversions. Here is why:

What is unique, quality content?


In the recent year, the website optimization folks (SEO, Internet marketing, usability, etc) have started paying more attention to the importance of having quality content on their sites and sites of their clients. But what is the quality content that everyone is talking and advising about?

What exactly to write about: content ideas example


Simply knowing that you need to write a lot of unique, high quality content, aimed to interest your site visitors and potential customers may drive you nuts. "Yeah, right. Content. But what exactly to write about?" Check out an example below: what one can write about a toothpick.

The example

Not to seem more talkative than efficient, let's examine a case of a toothpick. Here is what can be written about tooth picks:


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