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3 Solid Reasons to Charge Fairly for Your Web Services


In business, you may often want to offer a "competitive" price in order to win a client. But what happens when you do get him?

Do you work as hard as you'd be working for a better pay?
Do you enjoy working as cheap labour?

In essence, I'd think that you should charge yourself fairly, because:

  1. you'll actually be doing what you can, not what you have to just to match the price
  2. you'll enjoy the work (it should be #1, but its second to what the customer gets)

Define a clear goal for your website


Back in the days, everyone and their dog wanted to have a website for any reason. Even just to display dog/cat photos.

But when it comes to business websites, there is investment and return involved. If you invest in the website, you expect to get a return on investment (ROI). And to get any return, your site needs to have a goal, according to which all the actions will be compared.

What is a website goal?

Basically any website can have a goal:

  • inform family and friends of life happenings
  • share news, thoughts and links about one's interests

Business 101?


What happened to service?? Are we all to busy to remember that the customer is the most important person in our lobby? I have a "consultant that I am working with that stared off real strong...but now he cant even remember my name....maybe its my fault but I mean come on...I would like to fell like I am important to him...

Without customers there is no business...

Personal approach in business and marketing


It seems like every business owner, site text writer or anyone else communicating with others, while on a job, seem to have learned somewhere that informal approach works best and they should follow it any time.

The truth is, people are still people, regardless if they become your customers, employees or business partners. If you want to build closer relationships with the people to build your business, you'll learn how to stay personal with people you communicate with.

Learn why trusting your workers may boost your business


Trust is perhaps one of the most important things in life, as it differentiates the relationships we have with all the surrounding people. Of course, the amount of trust an employer puts on his workers makes an impact do. How much does a trusted worker work better and how the employer should trust his employees?

Do you trust your workers?

As you may have read earlier on this blog, trust is the big thing online. As it turns out, it is important in real life, too.

How can you tell, if your business is really good?


It is so easy to dive deep into developing and promoting a website that sometimes the goals of the business get blurred, the aims you set your site are not considered, so you just keep on working just to get more visitors to your website. How do you know you are going the right way from the spot?

Be honest, enjoy your life and succeed in business


If you are lucky, your parents have taught you to always be honest with people. Or you want to do that on your own. Nowadays, being honest in business will always mean that you will get better business in the long run.

Why be honest?

In business, being honest means that you will inform anyone you are communicating of an objective, true state of things about you. This will not only set the right level of expectations with the other person (hopefully), but will consequently make it clear for you, whether the person is ready to do business with you.

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