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Book reviews

"The Mind Valley Way to Ecommerce Success" by Mind Valley Labs, Book review


Last time I reviewed "The Long Tail", a book, introducing a new marketing concept, which would allow you to create a produc that sells well on the Internet. The MindValley Way, in turn, explains thoroughly how best to sell the product.

"The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson, Book review


Weeks (!) ago I was sent one of the first hundred, not for distribution, copies of "The Long Tail" for a promise to post its review in a blog post. After numerous short reading sessions, the promise is finally fulfilled.

The SEO book review: what it is, how to read and use


There are a lot of books about search engine optimization on the market. Most of them are aimed at making some quick cash, while publishing some old techniques that no longer work, some just describe real basics. But there is a small number of those, which can teach you the principles of solid SEO, which will help you to stay afloat forever. SEO book, by Aaron Wall of, is one of them.

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