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"The Mind Valley Way to Ecommerce Success" by Mind Valley Labs, Book review

Last time I reviewed "The Long Tail", a book, introducing a new marketing concept, which would allow you to create a produc that sells well on the Internet. The MindValley Way, in turn, explains thoroughly how best to sell the product.

Personal opinion

My first impression of the book that it has covered all the aspects of increasing sales from a website. While the book doesn't necessarily give you any on-page SEO tips or ways to promote your site, you can certainly learn how to boost your sales after you have created and optimized your site and started promoting it.

The Mind Valley Way should be a good read in addition to what you can find on my blog. It covers not only how to write great content, but also ways to manage your sales force efficiently to get more customers.

One of the interesting aspects of the book is that you can use the advice given in the book immediately after or during reading it. The Mind Valley Way is filled with tips you can implement immediately to see instant improvements in conversions. That's why it is suitable for the beginners as well. In fact, the book should be most recommended to the beginners.

The amazing thing - and it is the real gem of the book - is that all guidelines have been tested before they were recommended. You get to see not only the examples of efficient ad text, but also the real numbers of how the improvements affected the ad efficiency.

If you are really into squeezing everything from your website to get more sales, than the book is for you. It is a one-stop resource for anyone, wanting to get more sales with easy steps.

Is the book for me?

From the looks of it, the following people can benefit from the book:

  • online (e-commerce, retail) shop owners
  • service providers (B2B, B2C service providers)
  • absolutely anyone managing a PPC campaign
  • a one person site owner, wishing to get more conversions (sales, sign-ups, etc)
  • a beginner online marketer to learn most of the conversion magic at once
  • an advanced Internet marketer to learn yet more tips to advance in his way to ultimate knowledge
  • a SEO to complement his/her knowledge and experience (to be more effective and get a higher salary)
  • someone managing a website (a site manager, a web designer/developer)
  • a web designer to learn new skills to create better websites (and raise his/her fees)

You can receive free 40 tactics from the book itself to get a glimpse of what is inside.

Should I buy the book?

Of course, anyone interested in getting more customers should buy the Mind Valley Way book.

  • If you don't want to spend the money, consider spending months to learn website optimization
  • However, if you value your time and want to learn the tips to boost your conversions, buy the book now
  • you get free site accessment (one hour consultation) by the book authors worth $997. Supposedly, they'll tell you how to best to improve your site and implement the book advice

And you can get your money back, if:

  • you don't boost your sales by 500% in 90 days
  • you find a better e-commerce book

Looks like a worthy investment to me. If I didn't know how to sell myself and I wanted to learn it fast, I'd buy the book for sure (even considering our average salaries of $300).

Another thing is this. I am an online marketer and I know when I am sold to and can smell any false hype from a mile away. These guys only tell you what you can get by following the advice from the book and that's based on two years of research.

Receive the free 40 tactics from the e-book, apply them to your site and profit.


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