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The answer to all questions

There are many questions that anyone related to creating, optimizing and promoting websites needs answers for. And you'd like some solutions that'd work everyime in every situation. So how about a single answer for all questions?

The answer

As a matter of fact, yes. There is one answer to any question about a website. And it is..

"It depends."

Of course, there this answer may suit other questions, such as

Yes, whatever you want to do for your website, depends on your goals, your site itself, your skills and your budget and on the weather on the other side of the globe.


The thing is, every situation is unique. For a start, there are so many little steps from thinking up an idea for an online business to promoting your website - and every website will be in its unique circumstances, as well - that you can not possibly apply the answer to the same questionas yours, given to someone else. You are unique (hopefully), so your solution has to be unique, too.

For example, you may have something the same things as the other site owner, but quite differently. Or have done completely different things. But you'd both need to know how to promote your website - each with different goals to achieve, too. So "how do you promote your site?" - "It depends."

You'll have to seek the general information on handling your topic and you'll have to apply the knowledge you learned to your website. What works for someone else may not work for you. A charity organiation is quite different from a business corporation and they all will need to choose different ways to go.

Why is it a good answer?

While you may look at this picture as a huge disadvantage (that you can't find a ready answer for your case), you can view this situation under a positive angle. You are unique and you'll have your own unique ways to create, develop and promote your website.

You won't be copying other websites - you'll be unique and, thus, be noticeable among your target audience. Also, you'll only focus on things that work for your case only, thus making your work much more efficient.

Rounding up

Whatever you do, remember to tune your offer, efforts and your website to your customers. This will allow them to get precisely what they want and you'll be seeing happy people, too. Needless to say, being unique will help you to develop your own trait your customers will differentiate you among the competition, which should be helpful to your business.

P.S. In case you wonder if there is a single answer about web development..


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