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Website Usability Review and Consulting

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Yura Filimonov, a Website Usability Consultant

Usability Review Example
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Website Usability Review Report Example (Contents, Overview and one Detailed Page

Improve your website usability to earn more with your website by:

  • increasing sales, downloads, sign-ups, other conversions
  • getting more targeted traffic from the search engines
  • improving overall profit (more sales from the same traffic)

By having your website reviewed, you will get a pretty good ROI, while increasing your traffic and sales by 30%-120%.

Why Usability Helps You Earn More

By making it easy to buy from your website and making your website more trusted by your visitors, you can let your visitors buy from you easier and with confidence. You simply let the visitors accomplish their goals by buying your product with an effective website.

A thorough web site usability review is most effective on already established websites, which already have the traffic, but lack the sales (though it will also help to promote new websites more efficiently as well).

Thus, when your budget is small and your competitors don't spend money willingly, by investing smart in a usability review of your website, you not only get much better chances to survive in the current crisis, but you will outrun your rivals as well.

Your are safe, because I focus on delivering value to you, when working with you:

  • you get a written report with 50+ recommendations on how to improve your website, along with an introduction, describing why the improvements are important (a sample website usability report, .png)
  • you also get a mockup (a rough sketch, a prototype) of homepage/landing page layouts to use my recommendations easier and more effectively
  • you get consultation during the implementation for free
  • the payment is done via a secure payment system,, after you receive the report

Here are 5 reasons you'll make great return on investment with a better website in the first month:

  • you can implement the changes right away, within a few days, a week at most
  • you'll see results as soon as you implement the recommendations
  • if you make more, than $500 per month in sales, and I help you earn 100% more by increasing your conversion rate from 1.5% to 3% - a perfectly achievable goal, you'll recoup the fee in the first month. If you earn $500, you'll break even in the first month
  • after you return your investment, you will profit from your wise move as long as your site exists (forever, hopefully)
  • you'll be able to use the new found revenue to build your business: train and hire staff, move to a better office, create and store more products and market more aggressively

Get the recommendations to:

  • structure your website for your visitors to get everything easily
  • design your pages to keep more visitors on your site
  • layout your homepage to keep the most visitors interested in your product/services
  • structure your landing pages for maximum conversions (from the website, search engine and paid traffic)
  • format the text (site copy) to let visitors read everything easily and spend more time on your website
  • increase your shopping cart checkout rate (reduce bail-out rate - one of the critical website problems) and get more sales
  • improve existing site content (tone of copy, focus, formatting)
  • create future content to attract more visitors and get more customers
  • make the site load faster
  • use images on your website with maximum efficiency
  • make the site more accessible

Expert Testomonial

"I've often seen the free advice that Yura Filimonov has given over the years, and his reviews and analyses are so detailed, I can't even begin to imagine how much time he must spend reviewing client sites. Yura's knowledge of Internet Marketing is well known in our industry, and his own link bait efforts have been well received.

I wouldn't hesitate to hire Yura to review my own sites or create linkbait for me. Don't just ask for Yura's advice - act on it - that is, if you really want to crush your competition!"

Donna Fontenot
(aka DazzlinDonna)

Contact me to get more sales, sign ups, downloads and profit with a website usability review.

Web Professionals

If you are an expert usability consultant, SEO, Internet marketer, designer or a web developer, you can use my usability review services to:

  • use it as an addition to your offers to increase the value of your services, charge more from your client and have a happier, more loyal customer
  • do the work you don't have time for to meet the deadlines or get more customers
  • finally get things done on your own website or blog with minimal investment with the help of an understanding Web professional
  • resell it to earn money and help those, who want to get the services you don't provide

Get in touch to get things in order.