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Quality content: not just web site text

As you may have noticed, I am all for creating quality content for your website not only to convert more customers, but to get extra links and traffic as well. But website content isn't just website text (copy).

Content isn't equal to text

Generally speaking, website content is anything you have on your website. It is a good idea to provide value with your site content. Let's see what else becides simply text (copy) you can have on your website.

Apart from text, you can have:

  • audio information (MP3, podcast, etc)
  • quality images (funny photos, beautiful photos, etc)
  • videos (tutorials, funny videos, interesting ads - yes there may be some of these)
  • a valuable e-book in your industry
  • links to interesting, entertaining resources
  • recommended sites, books, videos, etc
  • reviews, comments, testimonials about your product
  • a sign-up form to your quality newsletter

As you can see, there's quite a wide choice of what you can have on your site. Mostly, it means not only actually having the actual material on your site as you would normally expect, but giving your visitors access to such information.

Providing value with content

As you should be interested in exciting your visitors, converting them to your customers, acquiring natural incoming links and search engine traffic, you should put some effort in creating quality content on your website.

To create the valuable content, the same principles apply as with creating quality text. It should be related to your product, provide value to your visitors in a number of ways, give insight on choosing the best kind of product, etc.

Though you may want just to create content to increase sales, you should integrate it into your existing site structure and content. Also, you'll need a way to add a way to convert your visitors to your customers with the content, if possible. Just see if your content is valuable in the eyes of your potential customers and if they will be willing to spread the word about it.


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