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Paid search engine marketing and promotion

Apart from simply creating quality to build links and then promoting your site on forums, blogs or established publications, you can use some paid website promotion methods, if you have the budget.

Paid site promotion

Here is a list of efficient paid website marketing methods:

  • PPC advertising
  • press releases
  • directory submissions
  • buying text links
  • events sponsorship
  • running a contest
  • hiring a quality copywriter to create quality content to get links

Though some of the above website promotion methods give you links, you should be targetting at getting targeted visitors and maybe links. Let's see each method in greater detail.

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising

PPC is the easiest way to get traffic to your site. The peculiar thing about Pay per Click advertising is that the results solely depend on how you setup your PPC campaign. If you use Google AdWords, pay attention to developing quality landing pages and following other PPC strategies as well.

When you run out of money, the traffic stops. That's why you need to use other ways of website promotion, which will last for longer than that.

Press releases

Press releases is perhaps one of the methods that gives you the largest exposure, though not necessarily targeted traffic. The peculiar thing about press releases distribution is that whatever you publish should be extremely newsworthy, interesting and written in a journalist style in the third person.

When you pay about $30-$100 for press release distribution, you can include text links in the press release body. This will increase the chances of your PR readers visit your site. Also you gain a semi-relevant link from a trusted site, as well.

If you don't write, it'd be smart to hire a professional press release writer ( offers such services as well, among others).

Directory submission

Directory submission is perhaps the cheapest way to get almost irrelevant links. But if you have the budget, getting any links you can get from the free 500+ directories for $100-$250.

In the nearest future (even right now, perhaps) directory submission will be totally useless, unless you submit to paid quality directories, like

Buying text links

Buying text links is perhaps one of the most controversial site promotion methods. Generally, if you buy a visible link from a topical site, you get targeted traffic - and a relevant link, too.

The thing is that if you buy a link below the fold (the visitor will have to scroll to see the link) and from an irrelvant website, you won't get traffic and link weight as well. Not to mention that if you buy from a low quality website, a bought link may be detected.

One of the reputable link brokers is

Also, buying links may be quite expensive when compared to other site marketing methods, such as hiring a copywriter to produce quality content.

Events sponsorship

Though sponsoring an event may not get you a link (it should, though, if you sponsor an online event, contest, etc), you can build your brand, if the event is related to what you offer. For instance, you can sponsor a race and get your running shoes ad there.

Depending on what you sponsor and how much you donate, the results may differ. Generally, do this, if you have a nice budget so you won't be disappointed with the investment. Remember, whatever you do, provide value.

Running a contest

One of the popular site promotion ways is running a contest. You can run a contest among your existing customers on the best article about your industry and your customers using your product. This will not only get you a lot of quality content, but relevant link, word of mouth and will give you a chance to communicate with your customers.

Generally, you need to make sure that everyone has a chance to win. You can do this by having 3-7+ places, great prizes and several nominations. If you have a solid budget, running a contest will be a good move.

Hiring a copywriter

Though hiring a copywriter can't be directly related to site marketing, you can get your copywriter to create a lot of quality content to get targeted traffic and natural links.

As I am all for quality content, as you may have noticed, I'd consider this one of the best investments you can make, besides optimizing your website.

In a nutshell

Basically, what you want to do is to get noticed among your target audience. To succeed in website promotion, you need to find where your target audience roams and appear providing value. The more you give, the more you get, generally.

In this respect, just thinking of the exact traffic or link numbers will only distract you. Think of how much of the targeted audience will see your message and respond to it.


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