How to create, improve and promote a charity website

Though it may seem easy (or more common) to promote an online business (an e-commerce or a corporate website), charities tend to have websites as well, and they need attention, too. Let's see how a charity can get noticed online (most likely, on a low budget, but with a couple of passionate workers).

Building a website without a budget (yes, for free)


While it is naturally understood that to start up a website, you need to have some sort of a budget, with enough time on your hands, you can build a website with little or no budget at all.

No budget? Fear not

When you are pressed for budget, you still can build and promote a website. "How do I do that?" you may ask. "Easy enough." Instead of investing money in building a website, you will invest your time in it.

Here's what you need to get started:

Build links naturally


Perhaps, any webmaster or SEO or a search engine marketer is always busy looking for ways to get links. If not, they are just looking for places to get links. So what's the most efficient to get links?

What is natural link building?

The most powerful links are natural links, so it should be wise to focus on building links naturally.

Beat your online competition with natural marketing


As you may have read the previous posts on creating search engine proof websites, designing naturally and providing value, I believe there was nothing about marketing, in this respect, on this blog. Not any more.

Be honest, enjoy your life and succeed in business


If you are lucky, your parents have taught you to always be honest with people. Or you want to do that on your own. Nowadays, being honest in business will always mean that you will get better business in the long run.

Why be honest?

In business, being honest means that you will inform anyone you are communicating of an objective, true state of things about you. This will not only set the right level of expectations with the other person (hopefully), but will consequently make it clear for you, whether the person is ready to do business with you.

Balancing between short and long copy


While you may have read about creating quality information for your websites and how to write it, you may also be interested in know how much to write about your products, services, sales copy, etc.

Tell them everything

First of all, you need to make sure you have informed your readers of everything about what your offer. This will ensure they will make an educated decision about it. For example, your copy may include:

Article formatting: a single page vs multiple parts


A recent discussion at SEO Refugee was about having a piece of information in a single article or on multiple pages. Naturally, there are occasions when either is more useful.

Single page articles

What is a single page article? A single page piece of content is just that. Anything you have written, you put on a single page and place a link from your site.

What are the benefits of single page articles over multiple-part articles?

An experience of migrating to Drupal


Well, as you can see, I have moved my blog from WordPress to Drupal.

Why move from WordPress to Drupal

Partly, you could read about the reasons I love Drupal earlier. The reason why I moved this very blog (now a site) to Drupal are

Matt Cutts Videos: just the juice


As you surely know by now, Matt Cutts has released quite a number of videos . For those who want it now and fast and don't want to spend time on watching/listening to videos, here is a short gist of what Matt said (it is still recommended to watch the videos to get the full detail).

Video #1: Some SEO myths

Issue: Do I get penalties if I have too many sites on the same server (IP) or the same Javascript on many sites?

Advanced keyword research tactics


Sure, researching the words your customers use to find your product or service or whatever information you provide is essential to make your SEO campaign effective. However, what can you do to get the most out of keyword research?

A link is a reference and what it is for us


There has been a lot said about getting links, PageRank and all that. It looks like everyone is obsessed with getting links, no matter the quality, targeted visitors or any ethical concerns. Let's see another perspective on what a link is and how it can affect our understanding of being linked to and linking out.

A link is a reference

Links are usually editorial votes given by choice.. (Matt)

7 reasons to use ethical website optimization and promotion


There are hundreds of way you can optimize and promote your website, but there is a lesser amount of methods that don't go against any human ethics or search engine guidelines. Why would you want to stick to ethical website optimization?

Lasting value, long-term results

When you use ethical (white hat) site optimization and promotion methods, you go along with the search engine guidelines. This means they won't drop you from their index and you'll keep getting a steady stream of visitors.

64 website optimization things you'd rather know

Though it may help if you know the myths of website optimization, you may as well learn some truths to guide your way.

5 Basic Steps Towards Website Accessibility

Please enjoy an article by a guest author, Joe Dolson, an accessible websites designer.

The transformation of a website from a snake-infested inaccessible maze into a beautiful, airy reading room can include a huge variety of design changes from the barely noticeable to the fundamentally transforming. Making that first step into the maze requires you to balance a number of different issues:

15 things a SEO client should remember


SEOs rarely vent on how stressful it is sometimes to be a SEO: find, talk and work with their clients. What can you do, as a SEO client, to get the most results by keeping your SEO happy?

Steve of TheVanBlog and I have listed a number of moments anyone, intending to work with a SEO, needs to consider. The more you put into practice, the more joyous your SEO will be and the better website you will get in the end.


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