See the proof that people like to read online


Normally, people often tell you that people don't like to read online and they have a memory span of a hyperenergized 3-year old rocket. However, data collected over a period of time confirms that people do read what they are interested in.

What proof?

Since starting my blog, I have been watching the stats closely. Though it is interesting to see the sources of traffic and keywords people use to find my site, it is also interesting to see what people (or you) are doing on my site, too.

Long story short, here are the stats about experience of my blog visitors:

Search engine ranking factors: place your keywords smartly


There is a lot of stuff written about doing your keyword research and writing quality content, but not much about where you need to place your keywords. So what are the factors you need to know to get better search engine rankings?

Rounding up 2006: blog stats, thoughts and advice

Well. This is the last post of the 2006. There seems to be a tradition to post stat reports, best posts or predictions. I have posted the latter two, so you are honoured to read the stat report and some analysis of the Improve the Web blog.

Overall statistics

Mo/Year Unq All Pages Hits Bnd/wth

Providing value to build a business


Businesses are launched for a variety of reasons, be it a desire to do something new or earn more money. But in the hustle of building a business, too often future business owners forget who and what they work for - the customers. Let's see how you can create and run a successful business by providing value.

Personal approach in business and marketing


It seems like every business owner, site text writer or anyone else communicating with others, while on a job, seem to have learned somewhere that informal approach works best and they should follow it any time.

The truth is, people are still people, regardless if they become your customers, employees or business partners. If you want to build closer relationships with the people to build your business, you'll learn how to stay personal with people you communicate with.

Paid search engine marketing and promotion


Apart from simply creating quality to build links and then promoting your site on forums, blogs or established publications, you can use some paid website promotion methods, if you have the budget.

Paid site promotion

Here is a list of efficient paid website marketing methods:



Unfortunately, not many business owners thoroughly consider, whether their customers are pleased with their products, as long as they are their customers.

Is the client satisfied or absolutely thrilled to be yours? This can be a great difference, right? That's why it is important to ensure that you do anything to make your customers happy to ensure most of them become your repeat clients and bring more people to your business.

Optimizing web sites in small steps

Generally, when you learn a new website optimization technique or SEO trick, you are eager to try it out on your site with hopes of reaping immediate dividends. But how really quick you need to optimize your site?

If the knowledge you received has been proven by others and there is no chance it may be a waste of time (like writing quality content, for instance), you surely can start implementing it on your site. But instead of simply jumping the gun with website optimization, you'd rather improve your site in little steps and there are several reasons for such a schedule.

No SEO, just people


Having been a SEO for a couple of years, and have talked to various people about SEO, it clearly becomes apparent that SEO, nowadays, is not about websites or the search engines, but people.

Marketing your web site


After you make sure you have done everything you could to improve your website, you can start promoting it. Let's see what you can do to effectively market your web site.

Marketing through forums and other social networks


When Yuri interviewed me one of his questions was in regards to finding clients through forums. I thought I'd expand a little on that question and talk about how to use forums to market yourself and your business.

One of the best ways to market a business has always been to network with others. Many businesses rely on word of mouth advertising to gain new clients and customers in the offline world. Online the same basic idea of networking can also prove valuable to new and existing businesses.

Market naturally


Whenever you are going to promote your product or website, you will be defining the goals of your marketing methods, as well as choosing the methods themselves. How can you ensure that your market with the most efficiency?

Looking Beyond Aesthetics In Effective Web Design


If I mention the word design it's likely to call up images of creative graphics, artistic layouts, and decorative aesthetics. But is that what design is all about? Are all those fanciful wows necessary to have a successful web design?

While design certainly takes aesthetics into account it is just as concerned with the functionality of the thing being designed. From the Wikipedia:

Link building strategies using quality content


One of the important things you can do to your website is to get links, as links is what allows people to navigate the Web. How do you get links?

Introduction to link building

Fortunately for some, unfortunately for others, there is quite a number of link building strategies, each tactic requiring different efforts and providing different results.

Link bait versus quality content


As you probably know, there are a lot of articles on creating link bait. But what is link bait for your customers and how can you create the most efficient content?

Meet link bait

Link bait was termed as content, aimed to get the most number of links from visitors. As it is specifically aimed for gaining links, it is compared to a bait. Hence, link bait.

Generally, certain link baits are more effective then others. Link bait examples may be:


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