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Market naturally

Whenever you are going to promote your product or website, you will be defining the goals of your marketing methods, as well as choosing the methods themselves. How can you ensure that your market with the most efficiency?

Why natural marketing?

Natural marketing, by my definition, is about providing value to your potential customers with advertising. You don't just throw your message at them, but inform them on how they can benefit from the product and advertise in such a way that your message is considered helpful, not intrusive.

These two principles, value and assistance, will allow your message to be well received by your target audience, thus increasing the response and establishing trust with your company.

How to market naturally?

When marketing naturally, you'll need to:

  • provide value in any instance of contact with your target audience (promotional message, great website, helpful sales person, useful product, great customer service, etc)
  • be absolutely honest and transparent to the customers (underpromise, overdeliver)
  • let your message be a guide to why your product is necessary to the customer
  • advertise on related websites to reach target audience (that's basic, I know)
  • communicate, engage with the people and empower them to spread the word about you

In general, it is important to 'broadcast on the same wave' or talk in the same language with the people. They are tired and annoyed by intrusive advertising, so you need to provide value and build trust with them, instead of trying to break through the barriers.

Will it work?

Now, what you have read may be opposite to what you have heard or read earlier. But let's see:

  • it is obvious that people buy on their needs: make it obvious your product fulfil one or more needs
  • by providing value you build trust: people will be more likely to deal with you, than with someone they don't trust
  • build relationships with people for them to freely talk about you with others: an efficient way to spread the word about you via word of mouth

In essence, natural marketing is not only a way to spend your promotional efforts efficiently. It is also a great way to outrun your competitors, who are stuck in the past century, and build a greater market share.

Rounding up

Whatever marketing principles you follow, providing value, building trust and communicating with your potential customers can always be helpful to connect with your target audience to reach even more people. Whether you focus on the above moments exclusively or just add them to your marketing mix, it is up to you to make the decision, influencing the effects of your marketing strategy.


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