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Interesting SEO Expert Video Interviews from SES

Recent Search Engine Strategies conference has given us plenty of videos, filmed by Mike McDonald of WebProNews.

Paid Links: Michael Gray and Rand Fishkin

Rand and Michael discuss Google's policy on paid links, how Google uses fear, uncertainty and doubt, why there are some questions left still and what webmasters are supposed to do.

Also contains an indirect proof that Matt said that (something like) "nofollow is an option for the webmasters, not a requirement" during the session.

User Contributed Content in Retail: Matt McGee

How retail can use user contributed content on their websites and in marketing and why it is important.

Local Search: Patricia Hursh

Patricia Hursh dwells upon things to remember about local search, such as:

  • there is more than one way to reach local searchers
  • you need to utilize local speak
  • focus on decision criteria the customers have

Large Scale SEO: Lee Odden

Lee Odden on corporate, large scale SEO techniques.

Usability: Matt Bailey

Interview with Matt Bailey on website usability: how it relates to search, why it is important.

Linkbait: Todd Malicoat

Todd Malicoat on social marketing and linkbait.

Vanessa Fox

An interview with Vanessa Fox about Vanessa Fox: what she's been up to, how differently people treat her now, why she went to Zillow from Google and stuff.

Opinions on the Conference: Kim Krause Berg and Bill Slawski

Kim and Bill are interviewed about the conference, about the forums and so forth.

There are more 2007 San Jose SES videos from WPN, too.


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Great Video Interviews from SEO Experts. SEO Beginners as well as Webmasters could get some ideas on these videos on what they are supposed to do about search engine rankings by google. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome.

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