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Improve your landing page for Google Adwords to increase ROI

The page that visitors land from your AdWords ad is the most important thing in your PPC campaign right now, judging by the latest AdWords landing page quality update.

In the previous post, we learned how to improve AdWords conversions and bid costs and in this one, we'll learn how to adjust the landing page according to the Google's landing page and site quality guidelines.

As it is of ultimate importance for Google to provide quality results for its customers, they take great efforts to ensure their advertisers do provide value as well. So it is not only a point of your landing page being great from the Google's perspective, but also from your customers' point of view as well. Simply because they are paying your living and you'd rather provide value to them for that.

What makes the Google guidelines interesting that using them as guidelines you'll end up with a fairly respectable website, so won't just make your AdWords campaign more effective. Here is what you can do to improve your landing page:

  • provide information, relevant to the keyword and the ad text (exact match is best)
  • provide valuable information to the visitor (no or less ads)
  • supply unique content (write content for each page yourself)
  • make the information easily accessible (no sign-up forms)
  • make your offer easy to find (at the top-left part of the page, above the fold)
  • deliver as your ad promises (if you sell software, offer free download, not free software)

Let's examine those rules in more detail.

Provide relevant information

The key component of your AdWords campaign is focus. So, to reach the maximum efficiency, your landing page should be focused strictly on the keyword it is targeted at. Generally, you can have a single landing page for a group of related keywords (large glowing widgets, small glowing widgets, medium glowing widgets may all lead to the glowing widgets homepage).

Generally, you'll need to provide everything you offer in the ad. To do that, only say in your ad what you can actually do or have and write so on your landing page. This correlates with another point, of course.

Provide valuable information

For the visitor stay on the page, he has to see the value he can get from you. That's why you need to provide valuable information about the search query the visitor used to get to your website. To do this efficiently, you need to list the benefits of your product or service or of the offer you are promoting via AdWords.

Provide unique content

Apart from valuable and relevant information, to get the most ROI from a landing page, you need to fill it with unique content as well. The best way to create unique content is to write it yourself. As you should know your product and your customers, you are the best candidate to create your own unique content. You can sprinkly your landing page with customer reviews as well to gain some extra credibility.

Easily accessible content

There should be no barriers for the visitors to read the content, be it a sign-up form, or anything else. Filling forms is one of the most hated things people have to do on the Internet. You don't want to lose customers this way, don't you? If you want your visitors e-mails, you can ask for it after they have become your customers - they do it naturally anyway, mostly.

Easily available content

By easily accessible content it is generally understood that the content can either be read from above the fold or the visitor can easily spot a link (in the top-left corner) to the product it seeks. As the landing page needs to be focused, you simply need to point your ad to the relevant landing page and write precisely about the product.

Deliver what you promise

The most important thing on the Internet is trust. To build trust, you need to deliver what you promise in the ad. Essentially, the fact that you have ads and landing pages, relevant to the keywords, builds a certain level of trust to you. The next step is to deliver what you promise in your ad. This way you get a happy customer instead of a grumpy visitor.

The final word

Finally, as you may have noticed, things you need to do to improve your AdWords campaign ROI will also make your site better overall if you apply it to all of your pages. This is because the Google AdWords Guidelines ensure that the visitors have the best experience. As visitor experience is what drives people to pay online, along with their interest in the product, you should generally consider providing value to you visitors in all aspects of your website and site promotion as well.


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