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How website usability can improve content and your site success

Usually, usability is thought of something invisible to the developers and is rarely associated with website content and traffic. Read on how usability can affect your website copy and traffic.

Benefits of usable content

Improving your site usability can help you attract visitors from the search engines, because you will essentially use the words that your visitors use when (re)writing your copy. Moreover, when improving usability, you will add more unique, quality content that will cover a larger part of The Long Tail of Search and attract a broader range of visitors. Also, quality content will attract a number of one-way incoming links, allowing your site to rank higher for your keywords.

When your site is more usable than the other 85%-90% of sites, your potential customer starts to think "Hmm, the owner of this site does think about how happy I am when visiting the site." Such train of thought leads to the fact that more visitors start to value a site and will be more likely to become the site clients.

Another benefit is that happy people can link to the site, thus increasing your search engine rankings and, consequentially, driving more targeted traffic to your site.

Providing value

The key point of website usability is providing value to your visitors. In order to attract more search engine visitors to your site, you need to use the words they use while searching for your kind of products. Also, when you figure out what interests your potential customers, you need to create content, aimed to provide value to your visitors, using the keywords they use. This way you not only attract extra targeted visitors, but increase the chances of converting them to your customers noticeably.

Who to write for?

Though it may be obvious that site content needs to be written to the visitors, it is only the tip of an iceberg. To really engage a reader, you should imagine your most valuable customer in your mind and write specifically for him. This way, it will not only be very valuable reading, but it will help you to stick to the point. Investigating customer's interests, the words they use to describe a product or service, are key to capturing the reader's attention. Basically, the choice of words to use in the text determins how targeted your visitors will be.

Though how easy and quickly a visitor can find what he wants is the most important for a website, website content is still the path the site potential client takes during his visit, so it shouldn't be neglected.


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