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How to choose a company/domain name

Some may think that naming a company or picking a domain name is as easy as a piece of apple pie. Not quite if you need to create a strong impression with your company name and make it memorable as well as viral. Let's see what things you need to remember when choosing a name for a company or a domain.

First, let's see what characteristics our company/domain name should possess:

  • free from being a registered trade mark
  • easy to spell, pronounce and remember
  • associatable with your business


First, you need to create a unique company name. This will ensure you won't have to fight over a trademark later or won't be sued by other companies. You may want to avoid picking a name in close resemablance to a trademark, Doogle, for instance. This will simply label you as a follower, not the leader.


Apart from having a unique company or domain name, you need to have a rememberable name. People remember something when they can pronounce it easily, spell it easily and associate it with something they already know. If your name does the first two, you are almost there.


Sometimes, it is possible to associate a name of your company with the product you sell. That'd be the best choice for a name, if you can find it.

Quite often, though, a name doesn't have an immediate association. In this case, you can create it with the help of a unique product and smart marketing. By identifying your company/domain name with a rememberable product, your chosen name will be associated with it as well.

In most cases, it may be impossible to create a short, mesmerizing name using known words. In this case, you can create a new word with any letter combination you want or by using an term that noone uses and give it a new meaning. Though a previously non-existent word doesn't have a meaning, you can give it a meaning yourself with your product. You'll need to rely on marketing here as well.

What about Improve the Web?

"Yes, Yuri, but what about your blog name - Improve the Web? Is it short, easy to pronounce, spell and remember?", you may ask. Not quite. But I couldn't find a short name and thought a name that consists of known words that combine an idea that many can relate to was worth a shot. I suspect I'd have to rebrand sooner or later, but only Time will tell.

Maybe you'll have a better luck finding a good company or domain name.


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