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How to buy links

There is quite a number of ways and strategies to build links, but, of course, there is never enough of them. Buying links, though sometimes costly, may prove pretty efficient, when used right. Let's see how buying links using Text Link Ads may be helpful.

How to buy links?

Before we look at Text Link Ads, let's see how buying links can be helpful. You may look at paid website promotion, if:

  • you are new to the market and need trusted links first
  • you have an extra budget to diversify your incoming links
  • you have exhausted your natural link building strategies and want even more exposure

When buying links, you need to look at the targeted traffic that a link will bring you. If you get a couple of clients through a bought link, consider your investment has paid for itself. Of course, the extra benefit of a trusted link with the relevant anchor text will help a bit, but don't expect something extraordinary to happen from a single, though quality, link.

While buying links from directories may help (if you do get listed into a number of them), you can also buy links directly from relevant websites - including bloggers. If a link is placed above the fold, you can get quite a stream of targeted visitors from a relevant website. Naturally, there are places, making it easy to find and buy such links. Text Link Ads is one of them.

What is Text Link Ads?

Text Link Ads is a marketplace for those, who wish to sell links and for those, who want to buy them. The website hosts a categorized list of [generally high traffic] websites (mostly blogs, forums and such), who wish to sell links on the homepage, side wide links or up to six rotating slots in the site news feed (through the Feedvertizer plugin).

The best way you can use the service is to search through a topical website catalog - try to find the sites, which are on the same topic as yours and where people, who will be most interested in your product, roam. Of course, you can also use the search field, use the link buying startup kit to learn the basics or even ask the support to find relevant websites for you, but I'd prefer to choose the sites myself to make sure I have found the best suitable places to buy links from.

What makes Text Link Ads unique is not only that their link selling partners provide static text links (which help with the search engines), but they also sell slots in the site feeds, which also reaches a loyal following of the website. This simply makes your advertisement more visible to the target audience (and if you are a blogger, it gives you another way to make money). Only one news feed slot is visible at a time and it is only displayed in the feed.

Another thing that makes this link trading institute remarkable is that they are determined to provide value both to the advertisers and the publishers:

As an advertiser, you get to select from manually reviwed websites, can browse a startup kit and the first-time advertiser get a $100 of text links (if you select links for more than $125 and enter "starter kit" as the coupon code).

As a blogger, you get a solid partner, who will find clients for you, help you setup an easy link-tracking mechanism and handle the payments and you get another way to monetize your site, blog or forum, too.

More quality paid links

If you are absolutely new to the market, then buying links from established sites on the same topic may be one of the best things you can do (provided you get traffic from these links, of course). A new way, on the rise recently, is to pay for bloggers to write a post about your product or service, or a review. This way you not only get a targeted link, but a couple, and also you get an honest opinion about your product.

Of course, on some sites, such as ReviewMe, you can't control a blogger, whether you get a positive review or not, while at PayPerPost, you can. It seems like the ReviewMe costs a bit more than PayPerPost, but there's the minimum requirement of 200 words (an equivalent to several paragraphs, I guess), which guarantees that you get the attention you pay for from the blogger and that your advertisement gets seen by thousands of potential customers.


Though I generally advise to (and do) build links by providing quality content, investing some part of the budget not only to build links, but to also get targeted traffic and, possibly, build relations with other people (including experts and bloggers) in the industry, can be very much worth it (if you focus on your customers, that is).

The post was partially sponsored by Text Link Ads (only to spend the time reviewing it, not to spice up the review).


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