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How can you tell, if your business is really good?

It is so easy to dive deep into developing and promoting a website that sometimes the goals of the business get blurred, the aims you set your site are not considered, so you just keep on working just to get more visitors to your website. How do you know you are going the right way from the spot?

How really good is what you do?

Of course, all that matters is how much value your product gives to the people. Based on this very simple criterion, you'll either become successful or not. But how do you determine this without researching your customers? How do you find out what you really want to do to enjoy and succeed in business?

Do you feel confident?

The question you may ask yourself is "If I die now, do I want to be remembered for doing what I do now?"

A honest answer to this question will give you insights whether:

  • you really enjoy what you are doing
  • it is something other people can enjoy, too

So, if your answer is "Yes", then, first of all, congratulations, and, secondly, you should feel confident in what you are doing and know what to do next.

If your answer is "No", then you should think about what you really enjoy doing. If you do, people will like it, too, because they'll notice your involvement in what you will be doing.

Another good way to test, whether your business idea is good is a T-shirt test. However, if your business is good but new, you may not want to wear or sell a T-shirt of a company without a character (brand). That's why asking the question is more efficient, than the T-shirt test.

What else is in the answer?

Once you identify what you really enjoy doing, you need to remember a couple of things:

  • not everyone will like what you do, because everyone is different
  • you won't get your recognition quickly
  • you'll need to work hard and be persistent

Essentially, by identifying what you love doing, you'll find your own place in the world. In business, this means that you'll find your own niche and that's something.

The other two points are the same as with other things you could have been doing. They are not different with anyone, seeking success.

However, there will be one thing different: you'll be enjoying every day of your work and life and will put all the energy you have in what you love. This will open new ways to look at the what you do, find new ways to develop yourself and what you can offer to the public, give you a chance to communicate with others in the industry easily and so forth.

In essence, by doing what you love, you'll be way ahead of your competitors, who are not interested in the topic, because you'll always be on the edge.

Rounding up

While the advice of this post may not be obviously focused on the customer, it is focused on what you will be doing to earn for a living. Of course, if you enjoy what you do and succeed in it, the other people will also benefit from it hugely, than otherwise. The thing is, choosing what you will be doing in the future is more important than any customer-centric stuff that you may have heard of, because everything else doesn't matter in the first place.


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