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Guide to outsourcing SEO

Generally, SEOs are quite handy in doing research, creating pages, optimizing pages, finding links and what not. But there come times, when any given amount of time is not enough to spend the efforts efficiently. This is where a need for an additional employee comes up and some also consider outsourcing some SEO work to a freelancer. Let's review why, what exactly you need to outsource and what to keep in mind about it.

What to outsource?

The basic rule of outsourcing is that you only need to outsource to be able to focus on the core of your business, thus improving your main service quality and making your work more efficient. So, when it comes to SEO, you to outsource only what you can work with without you having to redo anything, such as:

Of course, if you are creating or improving your website, you'll get someone else to:

Generally, as only an industry expert (and a writer) can create great content for a website, you'd rather learn how to write content yourself. Especially, when your customers judge your website and product by your content. If you have trouble creating content, either practice and stick with it, or hire a copywriter.

Working together

An important moment of outsourcing is that you don't lose contact with the work you don't do yourself. You'll need to make sure the person you work with understands your topic, your customers and your goals, so that the results will be as good as if you were be working on it.

Normally, a close time zone may help, as well as good command of English and communication of the outsourcing partner.

It is better to view this cooperation as partnership, because only then you'll be able to get relevant, quality results, instead of low quality junk you'd have to do yourself. So it should be worth spending your time to find a real quality professional to work with him/her for a long time, than to bait on every available freelancer offer.

Do it yourself

Sure, outsourcing may be tempting, but you will only get the best work, if you do it yourself - unless you are absolutely clueless on the issue (such as web design/development, for example). So you should outsource SEO only when you do not wish to invest time on learning website optimization, as well as when you want to focus on what you do best for your business.

Of course, if you only need links, it may be a wise move to focus on providing value to your customers through various articles, tools, videos and other material, so they and other experts in your industry would link to you - this is called building links naturally.


Put simply, having someone else do your job should only be viable when it promises sufficient business benefits, such as better quality, more efficient work process and more profit. Look at your work process closely and see what you can outsource to a reliable SEO partner.


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