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Five things you didn't know about Yuri

Lately, I've been tagged by Randall McCarley, so you will have to learn five things you have not heard about me earlier.

Anyway, here goes:

I am an avid runner
I run at least three times a week at least for an hour, aiming to run every day (been there, done that earlier). In winter, it is 3-5km, in summer the distance can go well up to 55km.
I am also a vegan
A vegan is a strict vegetarian, who doesn't eat anything, related to animals. I suspect some vegetarians call themselves vegans, when eating honey (bee-manufactured) and eggs (come from the chicken), a new name will be invented. Quite a hardcore combination with a long distance runner, eh?

Warning: eat whatever you want, in moderation, while remembering to have some protein, especially, if you exercise. If you stick to a certain food direction, do it at your own risk and know the dangers beforehand.

I don't wear a hat in winter.
Sure, everyone doesn't wear a hat in winter. In the US/UK and, of course, Australia. But a Russian winter is from -5 C to -40 C (+27F to -40F) for four-six months, so try not wearing a hat here. That being said, I do wear a woolen hat at around -35C/F for safety (it hurts when I don't) - but it's darn warm then, mostly.
I have had not alcohol since July 2004
"You mean you had not drunk vodka since July 2004, right?"

No, that means I have not had a glass of wine since then. I was only drinking wine/champagne at holidays/birthdays for 4-5 years before this, too. Now, I suspect that nearly everyone has at least tasted vodka, but that's another story.

If I had free time, I'd do some wood work
Call me a redneck, if you will - I love living in a country house and fixing some wooden stuff. Huge plans beforehand, but until then, I'll be doing SEO. Not that I don't love SEO (I enjoy quite a number of things), but I think every man should be able to create some stuff with his hands (not just eating, mind you).

Now you don't have an excuse to say that "All Russians are lazy, eat raw meat, wear warm cozy fur hats and coats and drink vodka every day". Now, we don't have bears on the streets too (Zoos, mostly), but don't tell everyone - it is a secret.

Now I have to tag someone, I guess (take cover): Natasha Robinson, Chris Pearson, Seth Godin, Steven Bradley and Elizabeth Able at Cre8asite (how's that - tagging a collaborative blog). You folks have to post five things people don't know about you and tag the other 5 blogger-victims.

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