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Eight tips on how to improve your AdWords conversions and bid costs at a time

With the recent AdWords landing page quality update, it has become even more important to improve your AdWords campaign to not only increase conversions, but to reduce your bid costs. What can you do to achieve that?

The main principle here is focus. The more your keyword, ad text and the landing page are focused on providing specific information to convert your customer, the better. Here are a couple of tips on how you can reduce your PPC costs.

1. Research who you target

Find out who your primary target audience is. You don't want to target your single ad at all of your customers. Target it at your most important customer, the customer that really needs your product.

2. Find out the needs of your target audience

Find out what motivates your target audience to buy from you. Find all the needs that your product or service satisfy and make a list.

3. Pick the most important need

Pick the need that alone can motivate your potential customer to become your loyal one.

4. Do your keyword research

Research what keywords your customers use when looking to satisfy their need. It may as well be a 'feature keyword' or it may be a 'benefit keyword'.

5. Use more targeted keywords

Use keywords that your potential customers use when they know what they want. It would be more specific, longer and less competitive keyword phrases. This will ensure that you get the customers that are more likely to convert by paying less for less competitive keywords.

6. Write a quality ad

Write an ad, focusing on the keyword you selected. Write what benefit your target audience can get from your product or service. Add a second benefit if space permits.

7. Create a focused landing page

Creating a targeted ad and pointing it at your homepage is like driving a car with your eyes closed. Create a page, targeted specifically at the topic your customers' need and keyword cover. The more focused the page is, the better.

Write in more detail what the customer will get when he buys from you. Write about things that are related to that single benefit that the person will get. List a couple of additional benefits in the end to make your value more obvious.

8. Add call to action

Basically, the goal of the landing page is to convert your visitor to your customer. That means an extra download, a newsletter sign-up or anything you want the customer do on your website. To do that, you need to ask your visitor to do that in the end, as it is the most effective place to put it.

Add some call to action.

Bonus tip: build a relationship

Ideally, every landing page of yours should offer a chance to become your customer in one click, be it a download or a sign-up. But you can build a stronger relationship with your customer if you follow up with a friendly e-mail and offer more related information about what you can offer.

To gain some viral aspect of your campaign, you can offer a discount on future orders or some freebie if he refers people, interested in your product or service, to your website.

The thing is to provide value to your customers. The more focused you, your website and your whole marketing campaign is on providing value to your customer and making it clear how people can benefit from your product or service, the better off you will be.


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