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Content Creation and Link Building Service

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Yura Filimonov

Creating awesome content, targeted at your potential customers, which attracts interested visitors and links and increases sales, is a high ROI strategy, because:

  • people love useful information they can enjoy and use
  • your readers trust you more, if you share useful, interesting and engaging information with them, so you sell more
  • you get much more natural links from interested readers with blogs and social profiles
  • you get more sales, because you get more targeted visitors from relevant websites and resulting search traffic

You can use an awesome, resourseful article both to greatly boost a new website with a number of visitors and natural links and to expand your established website to get a good amount of natural links and search engine traffic, thanks to astonishing content.

What is Awesome Content and How Does It Work?

For $500, you get a high-quality article for your site that gets targeted traffic. The service also includes:

  • a thorough research of your topic
  • a compelling, engaging and visitor attracting headline
  • creation of an article/blog post, based upon the needs and values of your customers
  • publishing of the article on your website, including formatting and buttons of relevant social websites

As an addition to article writing, for $100, I can help you with promoting the article:

  • conversations with bloggers on the topic of the article
  • sharing via social media websites, appropriate for your niche to attract your target audience, based on relevancy

The resulting article can be a list or a well-formatted detailed overview of the topic, with analysis, research data, examples, photos, etc. To be more precise, you get:

  • an article that is precisely targeted at the needs of your target audience
  • a well-chosen topic that delivers absolutely useful information
  • a great headline that increases the chances chances to have a successful article promotion and more overall attention to your site
  • an awesome piece of content for your site that earns you trust and more sales
  • a number of strong, natural links that bring your target audience to your site
  • a stream of visitors from other topical websies and the search engines to your site as long as your site (or the search engines) exist.

I mostly specialize in creating useful resources in the following niches:

  • Internet marketing (online marketing, SEO, PPC, usability/conversions)
  • Web programming (PHP, .NET)
  • Web development (web design, HTML/CSS, Javascript)
  • Technologies (gadgets, web apps, online tools,

but I can work in all topics, because I do the research, anyway.

The results depend on the topic, niche, your site design and social media websites used. The resulting links will not only attract targeted traffic to the post from the search engines, thus increasing sales, but will also allow your other important pages to get more traffic to your important pages.

Be aware that there's some chance that the content might not get the desired amount of attention, because one promotion is not like the other: everything varies and success depends on many factors. But in the end, you still get great content and long tail targeted traffic for your website, because lots of content on a single page attracts search engine traffic.

Also, you can inhibit article promotion, if you:

  • have no other useful content on the site
  • use exceptional amount of ads on the site and try to sell very hard
  • have no web design (like this very site, but worse)

The whole process of article research, writing and publishing costs $500. For additional $100, you can get my assistance with promotion of the article.

Best on the Topic Content Service

The Best on the Topic content is the article that is the most useful in your niche, on a certain topic. Superb article quality, formatting and promotion gets you, probably, the maximum amount of traffic and links you can get from a single piece of content. You get higher ROI with the Best of the Web articles, because you

  • have higher chances of getting links, because the quality of content is better and it is more visible
  • rank higher (probably, in top 10 or top 3, and get more continuous search engine traffic
  • get much more long tail traffic, because there is just so much information in the Best of the web type of content
  • keep getting search engine traffic and natural links to this link-worthy article forever

The Best on the Topic content creation service includes:

  1. Research (30+ hours): I find out which topics are popular and well linked
  2. Headline writing (5 hours): I write the most persuasive headline for the article
  3. Content creation (100+ hours): I create the article, based on the research and, possibly, your expertese
  4. Sharing via social media websites and blogs(10+ hours): I/You publish the article on your website and I share it with your target audience on other sites

The results typically include:

  • an awesome blog post/article you are proud to show to your customers
  • about 100-1000 links, depending on the topic
  • 3k-15k traffic in 1-3 days and 200-2000 monthly search engine visitors thereafter, as long as the article exists

Examples of Great Link-Worthy Content

I have authored the following articles:

(There are no direct links from this page to the top articles and the amount of links Yahoo shows is lower, because the site owner closed the project.) You can compare the examples above to the successful linkbait creations from other experts:

Cost, Payment and Satisfaction Guarantee

Article creation costs $500 (+$100 for promotion assistance), 50% up front, 50% after publishing. We can discuss possible types of posts/articles and their content as well. I am open to your ideas, because you are an expert in your field. Also, I'll do my research to get more ideas and expand on yours to get the best possible topic for the article/blog post. Payment is done via a secure payment system,, after the promotion.

Get in touch to get more traffic, links and customers easier and more efficiently.

Expert Testomonial

"I've often seen the free advice that Yura Filimonov has given over the years, and his reviews and analyses are so detailed, I can't even begin to imagine how much time he must spend reviewing client sites. Yura's knowledge of Internet Marketing is well known in our industry, and his own link bait efforts have been well received.

I wouldn't hesitate to hire Yura to review my own sites or create linkbait for me. Don't just ask for Yura's advice - act on it - that is, if you really want to crush your competition!" Donna Fontenot (aka DazzlinDonna)

For Web Professionals

If you are an expert SEO, Internet marketer, designer or a web developer, you can use my content creation and promotion service to:

  • resell it to earn money and help those, who want to get the services you don't provide
  • use it as an addition to your offers to increase the value of your services, charge more from your client and have a happier, more loyal customer
  • do the work you don't have time for to meet the deadlines or get more customers
  • finally get things done on or invest in your own website(s) or blog(s) with minimal expenses with the help of an understanding Web professional

(These kinds of articles, as you have already understood, is what can be used for the link building service that's also known link bait/linkbait in the SEO, link-focused, circles.)
Get in touch to get yourself a great piece of Web content and reach your goals of traffic, links and sales.