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Do you receive the feeds?

Hello there, folks.

This is yet another post about improving this very site for those, who read the posts, but don't receive feeds to their reader.

It has come to my attention that some people can not access the feed through the URL they have subscribed earlier (such as

Do you have any problem with receiving feeds?

If you do, do let me know via yuri @ pr by commenting here.

If you know someone who does, but doesn't read the site, could you possibly show them this post?


I have, supposedly, done everything for the feeds to work for old URLs, too.

However, I have also added a mod_rewrite script to remove the slash from the URL. Possibly, this could be causing the problem. I wonder if there's a huge problem or not, though (or whether it exists at all).

Thank you for letting me know.



I receive and read the feeds from rssowl fine

Thanks for letting me know, Anon (feels like talking to myself now). What is the URL of your subscription feed? or /feed or /rss.xml?

The issues are with the /feed/ with all readers (most likely) and also /rss.xml with Google Reader.

Thanks again.

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