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Direct targeted traffic as the most important link value factor

Recently, I have written about various value factors of incoming links. Naturally, I touched upon the factors that the search engines take into account, when they evaluate the sites, pages and links. Could there be some off-page factors that determine the link value?

Direct targeted traffic as a link value factor

Put simply, the more you get direct targeted traffic through a link to your site, the better the link is. "Now that's obvious!" you may exclaim. It sure is. But let's look at this a bit deeper. If you get targeted traffic through an incoming link, it means that:

  • the link has been placed in a visible part of the website (above the fold, in the top-left part)
  • it also means the link text is large enough to notice (not some hidden link) or below the fold, in the footer
  • the site, who pointed a link at you, is on the same or related topic with you
  • the linking site is pretty popular with visitors, who also visit other websites (it means the link is worth slightly more)
  • more targeted traffic of new, unique visitors will give you more chances of your ideas spread via word of mouth or via social marketing (bookmarking)
  • the linking site is trusted enough with the visitors for them to follow the links

Interestingly, if you get direct targeted traffic to your website through a link, you may not mind having a no-followed link at all. While it doesn't make sense for people to nofollow links to other trusted sites, you may expect to get a nofollow, when you buy a link or pay for other types advertising.

It is about the people

The main reason a natural link with targeted traffic is great is that you have managed to write about what interests other people and get noticed. It also means that you are going in the right way and that you should, probably, repeat what you have done on another aspect of your topic.

Of course, natural link building (or shall we say, communication with other people?) offers you a way to know more people in your industry, who like what you do. This will help you not only to cooperate with them in some interesting projects, but also reach an entire new audience, relevant to your website.

How to get the best incoming links?

If you read my recent posts carefully enough (ok, I admit, I keep repeating the following), you'd notice that the best links are natural links, because people will place natural links in the places, where they'd want to show them to their visitors. Thus, it'd be most natural for you to build links naturally. This will involve creating a valuable resource for your visitors:

  • by providing valuable information about the topic
  • developing useful tools for your industry
  • recording interesting/entertaining audios and videos (interviews, for example), taking photos, etc


Of course, you can get targeted traffic by creating keyword-focused pages and pointing some links to them with relevant anchor text. But the thing is, you can enhance your efforts by creating truly amazing pieces of content to get links from other people (it is people, not websites, mind you).

P.S. Steve, let a sleeping dog lie, next time ;)


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