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Describe the Reality Precisely and Connect to the People

I suspect every marketer has a continuous train of thought rolling in the direction of connecting to his audience. Almost everyone knows that you need to know your audience, its needs, interests, values and so on to connect. But is there anything else you may be leaving aside?

Describe the Reality

When you tell your potential customers to use the product they need, because it'll make their life easier, most likely, you are describing their reality. Of course, it closely matches to yours, as you should be interested in what you are selling.

If you are lying or use less appealing reasons, the people stop believing you.

The thing is, instead of just considering the customer for the reality check, you can check everything else around you and how precisely you describe it.

Describing obvious things probably won't get you wreaths, but stating the things that people take for granted, unexpected stuff, as well as new and, possibly, controversial, will get you noticed and appreciated.

It is more about the objective reality, than the customer's reality. Not that you shouldn't pay attention to the latter, of course, but the objective one includes everything. The question is, of course, to see the objective.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Instead of saying:
"In the blogosphere, only a small percentage of blog readers actually write blogs."
you could write:
"There's a noticeable chance that you don't write to a blog."

Immediately you recognize that the address of the sentence was changed: from some anonymous readers to you. While this is a great tip to use, to write personally, that copywriters have known for a while, it closely ties to the reader's and the overall reality.

If you simply state the obvious, which was taken for granted before, you may get a chuckle from the person you write/talk to, but that's better than a blank stare or "Yeah, I know, go on".

Speak Honestly

This isn't limited to just copywriting, but marketing. You can honestly say:

  • the reasons to start your company/blog
  • why you don't write about some particualr topic on your blog
  • your own opinion about some event
  • reasons to use the product, including the ones that'd make you use it
  • the truth in advertising (without hype, lies or misinformation)

As the people will immediately recognize a connection to their lives with the message (any message), they'll connect to the product, company, blog, you name it.

Rounding up

Right now, I can't give many exact examples, because I've just had this idea and wanted to share it with you. But when you notice a chance to describe something more precisely, most likely, you'll connect better with your readers.

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