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Defining a unique product benefit

One of the core aspects of a successful venture is defining the unique benefit of the product, or the so-called Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Let's learn how best to define the unique benefit of the product and what to do if there is no such a thing.

Why a unique benefit?

A unique benefit of the product is the core driving principle behind any successful product or service. First of all, everyone needs something useful. In steps a benefit. But if there are a lot of similar products with the same benefit, you get less chances of succeeding. That's why you need to identify unique benefit (along with all the other benefits) of your product or service.

Defining the benefits

To identify a unique benefit of your product, you'll need first to list all the benefits without exception. To do that, simply look at your product or service from the point of view of your customer. Why would you buy it? Is there something that makes the product stand out among the crowd?

You can also ask your customers why they purchased it and how they are going to use it, check the sites your customers are coming from, the search queries they are using, etc. This will help you to build a list of the product benefits.

A unique benefit

Of course, your product has a great deal of benefits. But which one is a unique one? This is where you need to compare your product to your competitors (ideally, you have already done this before launching a product). Check their websites, see what features and benefits are listed there and compile some data from that. Compare the list with your list of benefits. Are there any benefits that your competitors haven't covered? That would be your unique benefits, or unique selling propositions.

If you can't find any unique benefit in your product, when compared to your competitors, you'll need either to try hard, featuring your main benefits anyway, or add something to your product to actually have something unique and different.

If you can't think of something unique to offer, think hard whether you should enter the market. It may only be possible if there is little competition. Otherwise, it is impossible to market a product without a unique benefit (sure, there may be some exceptions, but generally speaking..).

Which unique benefit?

Of course, you'll have to choose which of the unique benefits is the most efficient for marketing your product. Normally, it'll be the closest to the main reason to buy the product, such as supreme quality, unique feature, etc. A low price is not the best benefit, because those seeking for lower prices are less likely to buy anything.


Alright, you have chosen the best unique benefit of the product. What to do now? First of all, you need to analyze how you can improve this benefit, make it stand out from the rest and really captivate the attenion of your potential customers. Then, you'll need to market the product, paying special emphasis to mentioning your unique selling benefit.

"How does this all relate to web sites?" you may ask. When you have defined your unique product benefit, you'll want it to be show on every page of your site. Make it stand out on the homepage, create a link from the footer, write quality content around it and what not. Depending on your benefit, you can create content, focused on the same industry and/or the same aspect as well.

While marketing your product, make sure you don't forget the other benefits. There are a lot of people, interested in your product, but they may not be aware of it. Make them realize they need it only you to fulfill their needs.


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