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Business 101?

What happened to service?? Are we all to busy to remember that the customer is the most important person in our lobby? I have a "consultant that I am working with that stared off real strong...but now he cant even remember my name....maybe its my fault but I mean come on...I would like to fell like I am important to him...

Without customers there is no business...

another thing I want to do is teach the ideal of under promise and over deliver...if you tell me its going to take 20 minutes to have my pizza delivered and it comes in 32 pissed....if you tell me my pizza will be here in 45 minutes and it shows up in 32 super excited... think about it...under promise____over Deliver...

That's it for the night

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I couldn't agree more. It seems that every vertical has lost focus of the customer and all they care about are the dollars. We hire 80% customer support guys and 20% sales/marketing, so we still focus heavily on the customer. If you don't then you wont be around for much longer.

Mitchell Harper, Cofounder

I have to say, focusing on the customers is perhaps the most important thing in business. As mentioned, without customers, there's no business.

And overdelivering is one of the things that can significantly improve your relationships with customers (not to mention conversions).

It is a great thing to have great support. That's a bold move for most companies (and there's even a hosting company that boasts not outsourcing support, too).

Thanks for stopping by, Mitchell.

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