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Be yourself, market naturally and efficiently and earn more trust

Anyone in business is constantly battling for results: more customers, more sales, more profit. And more profit. Naturally, humans with such tasks are under severe pressure and use many ways to achieve the results.

However, not all the ways to make money [online] are helpful, useful and valuable to customers. In fact, they can be categorized in short term (low value) and long term (high value) methods.

So the people, who are pressed for results, may strand for the short term ones, narrowing their view of the picture and allowing minute interests spoil the overall endeavour.

Is there a way to deliver value to the customers, make profit and remain yourself?

The choice in marketing

One of the choices that business people and marketers need to make, when promoting their project, is on which benefits they will be focusing on. Naturally, the product should rather be quite useful and all benefits should be considered.

However, sometimes some marketers, probably due to lack of customer research, try to add imaginable benefits or those that don't really relate to people or add value to their lives. Such marketing not only wastes peoples' time, but also doesn't give them a chance to truly appreciate the project. In the end, the customers leave and business owners, marketers and customers are disappointed.

On the other hand, what might work could be:

By paying attention to the people, you not only deliver what they want and allow them to improve their lives, but you also succeed with your business venture. Most of all, you remain yourself, while making your bosses, customers and yourself happy.

Be yourself

The biggest part in successful marketing, as in this case, is remaining yourself. By being who you are, you not only do what you like to do, but you also find unique ways to approach the business, the product, the customers and the market. This will give you a significant advantage over those, who go by the beaten paths, avoiding studying themselves and others.

One more reason to be yourself in marketing is to remain unique. By finding the unique point of your personality, you find a new approach to the people, give another angle to the matter. It not only makes your own work stand out, but the product, too, as, most likely, no one has marketed like you before.

Another benefit of being yourself is that the whole marketing campaign will be pretty much build on one scheme: your own character. While this may not be true in larger companies, if you more or less control product creation and promotion, you can pretty much do as you please (as long as you provide results) and enjoy yourself (while providing results). Did I mention you still need to do something to get results?

Getting results by remaining yourself

Of course, the question easily arises "How do I not get swayed by some quick short-term goals, stay myself and deliver results?" The key here is aligning existing or new methods of marketing your product with how you'd like make your customers happy.

Let's take an example: email content delivery. One on scale there is spam: quick, cheap and very, very scalable. On another scale is your site newsletter: you spend your time to create truly valuable tips for your site visitors and this gives them a reason to subscribe to your newsletter, thus spending their valuable time on your messages.

Which one would you enjoy doing? Which one would give results?

Given that spam bears nothing of your personality, product individuality and ways to build loyalty (who likes receiving spam?), receiving a useful newsletter is something to be truly cherished.

With the useful newsletter you will not only build your recognition, but also show off your expertise, encourage trust and build relationships with your customers. Of course, it'll take lots of time and effort to build your loyal subscription base - but it'll be worth it.

So, short-term spam or long-term? Hate the thing or enjoy the process and learn something new?

It is up to you.

Rounding up

While it requires courage to go the route of being yourself in marketing and modifying existing or finding new ways of marketing, the whole reason behind this approach is to enjoy your life. While the execution of marketing solely relies on your skills, not techniques, you are more or less free to try the new ways to make progress.



I agree completely. Being yourself is important and I think you nailed it when you mention how each of us is unique. We all have something special that we can contribute that also helps us stand out from everyone else.

Being honest about who you are and what you do will help develop trust between you and your target market.

I find when I sit down to write write the idea in my mind that I am going to make money from this web site, the stuff that I write is stiff and horrible, but when I sit and enjoy my writing the end result pleases me. Strange life, will I stay poor?

Joe, I have noticed the same not only, when it comes to writing, but for everything else. It just doesn't inspire me to work just for money (though, when without food money, it doesn't matter).

I have lately been thinking about developing a site for money, and I still ended up with a resolution to do what I like first, monetize later.

Cheers, and thanks for stopping by.

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