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Little Known Source of Expert SEO Tips Revealed

In the SEO world, nearly everything is known and more or less everyone knows the most useful SEO blogs. However, you can also use the source of expert SEO tips few people know about.

Ammon Johns is one of the few SEOs that have been around since the dawn of the Internet days. His knowledge is so broad and advice so deep and useful that if your question is answered by Ammon, consider your problem solved.

You can visit Ammon Johns's Internet marketing website, read his blog or use his consulting services. He also took part in SES London in '07, though (and probably many other conferences, I suspect.

The thing is, you can find plenty of advice from Ammon on the forums he frequents:

Cre8asite threads, largely enlightened by Ammon:

More info about and from Ammon:

Enjoy the reading!



I wish Ammon had a blog too. I've learned a lot from him reading various forum posts, but it would be great to have a him blogging advice in one central location.

Then again it just proves that not everything happens in the blogoshphere and forums can still be a viable source of useful information.

Ammon doesn't have a blog, because he prefers to focus on work.

I kind of understand him, since I've been noticing that blogging takes some time and effort that could be spent on working/relaxing after work. Not to mention if the blog grows out of its proportions, like Ammon's blog would, most likely.

However, what Ammon has already put online in one way or another, is as valuable as it can get.

Well, with blogging accessing the experts became easier, but I guess there still are some gems left out there, including the oppposite: Kathy Sierra, who doesn't write any more (I think?).

I can understand why Ammon doesn't blog. I just wish he did since he always has good information.

I think you're right about Kathy and I also understand why she's not blogging as well anymore.

As a matter of fact, in the Cre8asite thread Ammon asked if he needs to start the blog, and the consensus was that he probably shouldn't. Yes, it goes against the grain, but:
- blogging takes plenty of time and efforts
- Ammon already has authority and a job
- if you need Ammon, you (now) know where to find him

Part of it is that freely available info is rarely valued as the one you pay for, either with efforts or money. Yes, on one hand it can spread fast, but people dont value things for free, taking it for granted.

Probably, Ammon only needs to start a blog, if he wants to sell something, either his services, an e-book (which will be a great success) or something else. I guess he knows that anyway.

You got that right and I am glad you cleared it out. Most people learn SEO basics from blogs, so yes, blogs are a very important component in handling SEO techniques and when it comes to tips from Ammon I am definitely interested, there is always room for better.
Gill, Orange County SEO CA

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