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Use 12 Giant Lists of Social Sites to Save Time and Get Traffic

Lately, it's been fun finding niche social sites. However, instead of being limited to sites that interest me, you'd rather go check the lists of social sites and pick the ones that fall in your industry.

12 Lists of Social Sites

Update 02/20/08:Liked the lists? Get 10 more lists from Tad.

Will you get traffic from social sites?

You may be thinking that once you have your own list, you'll drown in traffic. Unfortunately, this isn't the case.

To get plenty of traffic, you need to:

Further reading

If you are not well versed in link baiting, you may want to read linkbaiting articles at Cornwall SEO by Lyndon Antcliff and also site-specific articles about Digg and Stumbleupon.

You may want to read an excellent post, explaining how to create linkbait step-by-step at SEOmoz.

If anything, just read these sites



"you need to get involved with the site for some time..."
This is very true. Giving people time to see what you are about not shoving yourself down their throats not knowing where you are coming from.
Great post Yuri

Thanks for including the link to my post.

Kim: Getting involved with the site is not only about getting acquainted with others (though it's great to build a fan base before starting your self promotion), but to learn what the people on the site want. Without this, all the fan base won't help you get your spam to the front page :)

Steven: you are welcome :)

Tad, ironically, we listed different lists, so I see no harm. I haven't seen your list before you posted it here for some reason.

I was just proud of myself to be quicker than you. Thanks for adding my link. You can "copy" my ideas if you like btw. I'm especially fond of people using SEO 2.0 techniques.

Hi Yura,

I found this site by looking up good sites in DMOZ (DMOZ looks a little sad at the moment :-( )

First I like your text based site design - its easy to read.

Second this is a good list of social marketing sites - I'll write a post linking to it next week.

Third - in terms of traffic Social Marketing is good but as you say it needs to be targeted to the right audience. I find that Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon are the best sources of traffic for my site. I think many people spend too much time spamming the social sites with links rathar than focusing in on their audience and building trust and relationships.

By the way our sons swimming coach is a Russian lady - she's brilliant. We were lucky she moved into Oxfordhsire!
I'm Irish but have been based in the UK for 21 years.

Thanks for the great post.


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