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Build stronger websites

Apart from bringing profit, another important part of a website is being able to live through various changes in the market.

What is a market proof website?

Back in the days, Jacob suggested creating a search-engine proof website: a website, created, as if there were no search engines, and which would get visitors no matter what the search engines come up with. I have investigated this point a bit more, too.

What is defensible traffic?

Lately, I've been coming across many articles on creating defensible websites. In them, it means not only surviving the search engine algorithm shifts, but also market changes.

In both cases, however, it means getting people to talk about your website and use it, because whenever people go, search engines and customers will follow.

In short, it means:

Here's a short list of posts on defensible traffic:

In general, this all means paying attention to your customers and delivering what they want is not an option any more. It is a requirement for a successful online business. In fact, it may not be enough, when it comes to link building.

Build one large website, not many small ones

Given the fact that Google takes domain age and link trust into account, it makes sense to focus your efforts on one site. If you are thinking of launching a separate site, think if you can tie it to one of your other sites - generally, if the target audience is the same, it'll work out well.

Read more from Andy Hagans: Finally, "the Big One".

Rounding up

In reality, creating a strong, defensible website is a smart marketing move. Taking all the risks and values into account, you'll be able to build a much stronger online presence, than your competitors. Smart marketing, defensible traffic or building strong websites, it is a sound strategy, which will be more important this year (as predicted by Todd).


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